Saturday, 25 March 2017

Zentangle Poems

Inspired by Maria Tovar-Perez, a CZT teacher here in Spain, our Friday tangling group have decided to use poetry as a base to create some art this week. You can see her work and that of her students on her Facebook page. I had given this technique a try a while back but wasn't happy with the results. I know now that I didn't go 'far enough' and was trying to avoid obscuring the words. The key is to select just a few words that you like or that make a different type of poem. The other words are lost to the tangles.

I had a go at a couple of poems before I took the class so that people could see some of the options to include on their own poems and in the class we practised on some of my old English class notes!

We don't like waste. I love what Belen did with hers...definitely an improvement on the untangled version but apologies that it's a bit out of focus.

I will post the final versions after out next class. There was a lot of enthusiasm for this and I am sure there will be some extremely interesting zenpoems produced.

These are some of mine. The first one is on a poem by Pablo Neruda called 'Un Amor' - A Love. I cannot explain the lemon slices....

Next is over a poem by Lorca, called 'Arbole, arbole' - Tree, tree,

And a poem by one of my favourite poets, W B Yeats, called 'The Song of Wandering Aengus.'

And this is not me touting for business, honest, BUT, if you have a poem that you would like me to turn into a Zentangle poem, please let me know. You could choose the particular words that you wanted highlighting and select a colour scheme for any gemstones, etc. or leave it to me.

Mainly it's just an excuse for me to keep doing them! Send me a message if you're interested.