Thursday, 20 April 2017

Colour, colour everywhere! Distressed tiles....but a happy me!

Over on Facebook, there's a burst of colour, partly due to Eni Oken's amazing technique of tangling over distressed tiles...well, the tiles are not distressed but the colours used include Distressed Inks. This is a range of inks, pens and sprays produced by Tim Holtz and whilst I'm not endorsing any products here, the results that can be seen on Eni's blog are incredible.

Personally, I only have a limited set of Distress Ink marker pens that I purchased on my last visit to the UK. However, at my local Lidl last week, I was able to pick up a box of four acrylic spray paints which have proved quite adequate for my purposes.

I have been making my own distress backgrounds and have spent almost the whole week working obsessively on them,,,, and now, I am beginning to really enjoy myself, At first, I found my colours seemed muddy and my tiles without much light but now, whilst I would never say I am an expert, I am much happier with my results.

For posterity more than anything else, I am going to post a selection of my efforts here...

A work in progress - and quite gentle colour tones

I liked an idea that Eni gave me - put a frame around one section to see how it looks

Another section with frame...

I really love the colours of this one. I am preparing something for my sister and sent her this to check out the colour scheme. Her husband thought it looked like E.T. fetching a stick....I can't see anything else now....

I have improved the highlights on Narwal and Marasu since I took the photo...they don't look too good here...

I wasn't too happy with the original tile as it seemed like just a bit blog of red....but I am happy with my tangles on it. 
Some distresed tiles awaiting tangling...

Pure fantasy! 

My favourite so far...a friend said she could see dragons in this one...
Not so very long ago, I was nervous about using colour. It seemed too difficult. Now I am so in love with the inspiration it creates in may be some time before I go back to black and white! (But I know I will one day...because I love Zentangle!)

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Zentangle Poems

Inspired by Maria Tovar-Perez, a CZT teacher here in Spain, our Friday tangling group have decided to use poetry as a base to create some art this week. You can see her work and that of her students on her Facebook page. I had given this technique a try a while back but wasn't happy with the results. I know now that I didn't go 'far enough' and was trying to avoid obscuring the words. The key is to select just a few words that you like or that make a different type of poem. The other words are lost to the tangles.

I had a go at a couple of poems before I took the class so that people could see some of the options to include on their own poems and in the class we practised on some of my old English class notes!

We don't like waste. I love what Belen did with hers...definitely an improvement on the untangled version but apologies that it's a bit out of focus.

I will post the final versions after out next class. There was a lot of enthusiasm for this and I am sure there will be some extremely interesting zenpoems produced.

These are some of mine. The first one is on a poem by Pablo Neruda called 'Un Amor' - A Love. I cannot explain the lemon slices....

Next is over a poem by Lorca, called 'Arbole, arbole' - Tree, tree,

And a poem by one of my favourite poets, W B Yeats, called 'The Song of Wandering Aengus.'

And this is not me touting for business, honest, BUT, if you have a poem that you would like me to turn into a Zentangle poem, please let me know. You could choose the particular words that you wanted highlighting and select a colour scheme for any gemstones, etc. or leave it to me.

Mainly it's just an excuse for me to keep doing them! Send me a message if you're interested.


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Diva Challenge 305 - Duotangle with Molygon and Marasu

How on earth did we suddenly get to challenge 305? I am slipping badly...the last one I posted was 293...although I have done several attempts at the intervening challenges, I haven't managed to write a post and make the link. I do, however, always read The Diva's posts and continue appreciate the glimpses into her busy life. What a woman! Good on you, Laura!

So today, I will! It's Andalucia Day so we have had a little holiday which has given me a little extra time to tangle and to post. I enjoyed this very much - actually, I am really enjoying my tangling these days as I have discovered a new passion. Colour. Colour using Derwent Inktense crayons. I have dabbled a bit in colour over the years since discovering Zentangle, but one of the things I liked best about it was the black on white with pencil shading. However, thanks to the very talented Jo Flaherty and Eni Oken, I have pushed my boundaries and started shading in colour.

So - here is my challenge piece and a couple of others that I have been working on in the past few weeks. Most of them have made it to Facebook and the shared group pages there but I will put them here too. I have neglected my blog for long enough.

Thanks for popping by!!

And some more colour...

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Diva Challenge 293 - Happy New Year and UMT - plus String Thing 179

Hello and a Happy New Year to tanglers the world over. Here in sunny Spain I am noticing that more people are getting into Zentangle, which is great. Maria Perez-Tovar is a CZT based in Madrid and is spreading the word officially there with fantastic results from her classes. I love seeing how quickly people grasp the concept and start flying with it.

And here in my little corner of the world, Alcala la Real, I have been holding weekly classes since October for a women's association. At first, we weren't sure if people would want to commit to two hours every week but the numbers have increased over the months and after the Christmas break of three consecutive Fridays without a gathering, our first class last week was both a joyful occasion and - it's true - a huge relief for some of those who are clearly more addicted than others! So be sure, if anyone visits Spain and is within striking distance of our little and very beautiful town, please drop in for a Friday evening's tangling, won't you?
I would dearly love to do the official course in Rhode Island but we struggle sometimes to make ends meet anyway and live a quiet life in the country with our three children (all of whom we hope we can put through University) so for now, I glean my knowledge and information from the wonderful people who share their experience on the internet. Not least Laura and Adele - whose challenges I have been taking part in for several years. It's been a bit sporadic recently due to my increased workload, but I am so grateful for the community of people that I have been able to follow through their commitment to offering us a weekly challenge.

This week on the Diva's Challenge, it's Use My Tangle week and we had the lovely Orbs-la-Dee by Anneke van Dam. I have always like the look of this one but never actually used it so that was a good start to the new year - I enjoyed it very much. My tile has a bit of a sea theme, I think. (And why is it that the scanner never reproduces all the shading???)

Likewise, I have  had the time to do Adele's Tickled to Tangle challenge this week too. And not just once, but twice. She gave us this loopy string and the tangles Dust Bunny, Betweed and Curl.
I did one version and enjoyed the process so much that I thought I'd do a second. Just shows how very different you can make one string and three tangles turn out!

This one wanted the string the right

And this one has the string upside down. Love Curl, can you tell?

Thanks for popping by - I will be taking advantage of a little extra time today to look at what others have done with the challenge this week. Happy New Year. I think we can safely say it will be an 'interesting' one....