Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Diva Challenge 293....

Well hello again! Long time no post. I have been tangling and have even done some of the challenges, but finding the opportunity to post has been difficult. Anyway, glad to report all is well here and I will try to check out some of the wonderful art that is shared through the Diva's Challenge.

I was sorry to hear that Laura was having a tough time but glad to see the lovely photos of her boys and to read that she tackles her problems in such a great, instinctive and energetic way. Power to you, Laura. Axxx

Our challenge this week was to use Keeko, which is one of my favourite 'border' tangles but it doesn't often take centre stage. I used a 'string' that I find is really comforting and very good for beginners to create a little work of art for themselves. Good fun to do. And Keeko is really such a wonderful tangle and deserves a bit of the spotlight from time to time!

I am going to just post a few more of my recent tangles - as much for posterity as anything else. Been enjoying doing some of these just for myself.

A couple of Purk, Shell, Cubine and Vega variations using the same string but in a different arrangement.

And a monotangle of Garlic Cloves - which I LOVED doing!

So, all well in my sunny neck of the woods. I do wish I could say the same for everyone...for the world seems to have gone quite mad recently. 
For too many, life is a constant struggle for survival. We've already seen the popular vote in the UK to leave Europe - with the overwhelming majority voting to do so because of immigration. And last week, we saw a rich and powerful nation elect a ....well, I don't have a word. Trump will do. (It means 'fart' in English). Immigration also the key factor. In the USA. Ho hum. 

Keep on tangling.