Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Diva Challenge 286 - Straight to it

This is just what I needed this week, Laura. Thank you for a 'straightforward' challenge.
This week - just use straight lines. No nice softening curves. B-rad thought Laura's tile looked 'angry' and a bit frustrated because Laura likes to use nice curves and it was quite difficult for her to stick to straight lines.

I actually needed to something that needed no artistic involvement. I needed straight lines and deep Zen. I've begun teaching again - not after a long, hazy, relaxing summer - after a couple of quiet weeks. All summer, I've been teaching intensive English classes and it's been...well, intensive! My present to myself for all the extra work has been to get a new car! Not a bad payoff, but something we've needed for quite some time. I'm very happy with it apart from I seem to have put my sacroiliac joint out of place - not used to a manual gear change - and being reminded that I once broke my left kneecap. Sigh. However, I love driving and I love my new car. Perhaps it's time for a new body!!

Straight lines - no need to engage brain too much. And a lot of Zen to be gained.
I used C-Wing, Yincut, Fassett and my own, Skwirl - which I promise is only straight lines, but with the shading, creates the impression of circles.

Thank you Laura.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Diva Challenge 284 - Monotangle to Tripoli

Tripoli - one of my all time favourite tangles, and the 'tri' part means three, then here are three of my own Tripoli monotangles. This is Laura's challenge this week on I am the Diva - how could I resist?

The first is one that I did when Holly Atwater did the guest blog for the Diva. It was an 'audio' tangle, where I followed her instructions - only at the beginning, I didn't know I was drawing Tripoli and made all my inner triangles different sizes. I was delighted with the result! Still am...it's a personal favourite.

My second one I am not so pleased with. I made a sort of Tripoli as my tangle,  and then filled it with Tripolis. It didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped, but here is it - as sort of Tripoli Pizza!

And then because it really IS one of my favourites, a simple one to compensate for the very busy pizza one - I enjoyed doing this one and am happy with the effect.

Thanks Laura. Off to see what delights await me on the blogs of those who took the challenge this week.