Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Diva Challenge 276 - Space Truckin' - Moving Tangles

Yay! I can do this one. It is ages since I took part in a challenge (feels like it, anyway) on account of  being incredibly busy and buzzing around from one place to another. Well, when I saw the Diva's Challenge for this week - I was prepared without even knowing it.

Tangle whilst on the move, she said. And for once, this week, I've stopped moving! I'm still busy but definitely less so. However, last week, I was busy flying back to the UK and happily tangling as I did so.

This month has been truly awful for so many reasons around the world. I didn't have time to respond to guest blogger, Suzanne Fluhr, last week and tangle for peace but my heart wishes that we could do something to bring some to those parts that are suffering right now. I can't remember feeling such deep sorrow and pessimism about the world since I was a young teenager and troubled by dreams and genuine fears that we were heading towards a nuclear war. Sigh. Zentangle is wonderful but I'm not convinced it can change the world's problems. And it seems that many places are hell bent on making them worse.

Stop, stop. I actually had a wonderful time in the UK and was so relieved to discover that people were still kind, caring, fun and friendly in the places I visited even if there has been evidence to the opposite effect in other places recently.

Before my visit to England, a friend had asked if her niece could visit for a few days as a birthday treat - to learn some Zentangle from me. She's a brave young woman with some chronic health problems that affect her ability to work full or part time. I'm delighted to say she took to it like a duck to water and even better, has gone home and produced some lovely pieces and has begun to share it with some of the young children that she looks after! Well done, Rachel! Here are some of her practice pieces:


And she's going from strength to strength. Hopefully joining in this challenge before too much longer!

So, here is my moving tangle. Done high above ground on a very smooth flight. Enjoyed every second of it, although I didn't quite get the 'beady one' (couldn't remember the name) right from memory! Also includes Fescu, Crescent Moon, Pokeroot, Flukes, Meringue and Tripoli.

Thanks so much for popping by. Hope to see you around again soon as I rejoin the Zentangle community during the quieter summer months.
And if anyone could jog my memory about the beady one, I will check it so that I can do it properly in future. Thanks! Axxx