Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Diva Challenge 276 - Duotangle with Drupe and Pokeroot

I saw the Diva's Challenge early on Monday and poddled off  (I do that sometimes) to have a go. I enjoyed it very much indeed and popped it on Facebook, which I don't always do. It's a busy time for me as I prepare my students for their English exams in just a couple of weeks. I'm trying very hard not to absorb all their stress! I wasn't absolutely sure I'd have time to post on my blog...but...I did.

I popped back just now to the Diva's blog to check out the number of the challenge and read Laura's very touching words on the sad, sad loss of a friend. So sorry, Laura - she sounds such a wonderful person and someone who has been an incredible support to you over the past few years. I hope this lovely tangling community can do its best to help you through the pain as I know so many people will be sending love and hugs and special thoughts to you at this time.

Here is my contribution to the challenge this week.

Chunky, plump Pokeroots over a Drupy background. Lots of shading, lots of fun.
And more hugs to Laura.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Diva Challenge 266

The Diva has some gorgeous pictures on her blog this week, of her boys doing lovely creative things. And at the same time, she manages to inspire a larger host of people across the world. That deserves some big appreciation. Thank you Laura - you are most appreciated!

As this is the first Monday of the month - and the 1st Monday of May no less, when workers of the world unite - it's the Use My Tangle challenge. We have Henrike Bratz's Cruz, which I have used before as it's such a focussing tangle with lovely depth. I'm heavily into practising Eni Oken's Ruutz at the moment, so here you have my attempt at these two together. I haven't exactly deconstructed Cruz, but I've separated the elements a bit for some contrast.

Very much enjoyed this challenge - thanks again, Laura!

And whilst we're here, I'll share my entry for last week's It's a String Thing - another tile I really enjoyed doing. We've had a little break from work and school this week, so it's been nice to have time to tangle. I may have overdone this one a bit...lol! Quib with Echoism..echoism...echoism....echoism

Thank you so much for popping by! Axxx