Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Diva Challenge 263 - Globular Grid!

Oh what fun! I love globes and this week, the Diva asked us to draw a globular grid. I enjoyed this one so very much and am excited to see what everyone else has done with this one.
Thank you Laura. I have been sending happy thoughts all week and hope that Artoo is feeling somewhat better now. He's such a darling!

Quite a lot of tangles fitted into this one - I remember doing a Fife variation, Printemps, Wud, Sandswirl, Emingle and a mini-version of NZepple. Is it Barber Pole around the outside or does this have another name...I really thought I'd got all the names sorted now but I do often find myself stuck to recall certain ones.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Diva Challenge 262 - UMT Fassett by Lynn Mead.

I'm really not sure how the Diva has got to number 262 in her weekly challenges....I think I might be a bit behind now! I was, however, delighted to see that this week we get to play with 'Fassett' by Lynn Mead as it's Use My Tangle on the first Monday of the new month. That reminds me - how did we get to April?

I remember when this tangle first came out and being so excited as the triangles transformed into other shapes. 

This is my first attempt this week - a Fassett Monotangle - where I have tried to bring out some of the shapes that happen when you join the points and do a little shading. 

Perfect Zen.
Happy tangling everyone. I'm glad to report that as we start moving into Spring and the days get longer, I have rediscovered my mojo and have been tangling with a vengeance. This can be seen in my previous post where I have been tangling on the circular beermats that I bought. I have now got my technique for drawing on these rather ink-greedy 'tiles' just about sorted. It has made me extremely productive!