Monday, 28 March 2016


I recently visited family and friends in England and had arranged to collect some blank beermats whilst I was there. I got a stack - some round, some square. This was on the basis of having found some in a pub the last time I was over and discovering that they were perfect for Zentangle.
However, the ones I bought are rather more absorbent than the ones I found in the pub....I was a bit sad to begin with but I'm persevering.

Yesterday, I had a circle-fest. If I use my finest pen (0.05) and work faster than usual, to avoid too much ink soaking into the card, I can achieve a rather nice tile. Or ten! It was Easter weekend and we'd time to relax yesterday so I really, really enjoyed these.

I haven't managed all the challenges recently, which is why I haven't been posting, but I have been tangling. Hope you managed to have a peaceful week in what is currently a rather depressing state of world affairs.

Aquafleur and Florz

Knightsbridge for the Shading challenge on Facebook

A little Mandala

Petals in the middle - not really a tangle, surrounded by Wud and Shattuck

This was for the Diva Challenge but I never got round to posting it.
Shattuck on tan tile - bit out of focus, sorry!

This was also for the shading challenge - a colour background.
With Akoya, SandSwirl, Printemps, Indyrella and Meer. Possibly a touch of Golvern too...

This was my String Thing entry - which I did send -
using Pi as the string! Pokeroot, W2 and Tripoli.

Another Facebook challenge - from Square One - Akoya and Hollibaugh.
I did enjoy this one!

And finally, a glimpse of nine of the ten circle tangles I did this weekend. 
There - I feel as though I've caught up a bit!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Diva Challenge 258. UMT - Rautyflex by Kathrin Bendel CZT

The Diva has had a very interesting few days and lots of inspiration in what looks like a fascinating part of the world. Thank you so much for sharing, Laura.
And this week, with a Use My Tangle from Kathrin Bendel CZT, we have had a real challenge - well, I have! Rautyflex took me quite a few attempts to get 'right' - and it needed to be right otherwise the interesting pattern didn't quite emerge - trust me, it didn't!

I enjoyed doing this in the end but my tile is on the odd side. Firstly, I did it upside down in my sketch book - by accident, I admit - but I liked it better when it really WAS upside down, even though my light source, which always comes from the top left for me, this time comes from bottom right.

Anyway, no excuses - it is what it is. Rautyflex, with Paradox, some Sand Swirl and a new one for me, Frission.

Many thanks for the kind and caring comments last week. I am glad to report that things are now on the up again. Happy International Women's Day too.

Thank you for popping by.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Diva Challenge 257 - Ooh Shiny! With guest blogger Amy Broady CZT

I haven't been having the best of years so far. Tangling is always helpful and my situation isn't very bad but I'm definitely not feeling at my best.
Here's to a fun-filled, lively and exciting March. Barring that - a safe, quiet and happy March...

I did love doing this sparkly tangle for the Diva Challenge though and feel as though I am turning a corner just for the satisfaction it gave me. I tried a new to me tangle, C-Stem, and loved it! Thank you Agneta Landegren!

Also includes Shattuck, Tropicana, Bandola and Printemps plus a few 'fillers'.

Thanks for popping by.