Saturday, 6 February 2016

Diva Challenge 253 - Molygon!

A new Zentangle to play with over on the Diva's site. It's called Molygon - a sort of polygon, that's not!
I just let this one take me wherever it wanted. And then filled in each segment with a tangle of its own.

And I enjoyed it very much. I haven't done much tangling since I started back at work and then last weekend, my darling, unique and utterly irreplaceable father-in-law died after a short but fierce battle with cancer. I think I will have to do quite a bit more tangling to work through my feelings and that of my husband. But we are grateful for his life and his love and glad that he doesn't have to suffer any more.

So my Molygon is for Cesar Snr.  Unadorned. RIP.