Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Diva Challenge 293....

Well hello again! Long time no post. I have been tangling and have even done some of the challenges, but finding the opportunity to post has been difficult. Anyway, glad to report all is well here and I will try to check out some of the wonderful art that is shared through the Diva's Challenge.

I was sorry to hear that Laura was having a tough time but glad to see the lovely photos of her boys and to read that she tackles her problems in such a great, instinctive and energetic way. Power to you, Laura. Axxx

Our challenge this week was to use Keeko, which is one of my favourite 'border' tangles but it doesn't often take centre stage. I used a 'string' that I find is really comforting and very good for beginners to create a little work of art for themselves. Good fun to do. And Keeko is really such a wonderful tangle and deserves a bit of the spotlight from time to time!

I am going to just post a few more of my recent tangles - as much for posterity as anything else. Been enjoying doing some of these just for myself.

A couple of Purk, Shell, Cubine and Vega variations using the same string but in a different arrangement.

And a monotangle of Garlic Cloves - which I LOVED doing!

So, all well in my sunny neck of the woods. I do wish I could say the same for everyone...for the world seems to have gone quite mad recently. 
For too many, life is a constant struggle for survival. We've already seen the popular vote in the UK to leave Europe - with the overwhelming majority voting to do so because of immigration. And last week, we saw a rich and powerful nation elect a ....well, I don't have a word. Trump will do. (It means 'fart' in English). Immigration also the key factor. In the USA. Ho hum. 

Keep on tangling. 


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Diva Challenge 286 - Straight to it

This is just what I needed this week, Laura. Thank you for a 'straightforward' challenge.
This week - just use straight lines. No nice softening curves. B-rad thought Laura's tile looked 'angry' and a bit frustrated because Laura likes to use nice curves and it was quite difficult for her to stick to straight lines.

I actually needed to something that needed no artistic involvement. I needed straight lines and deep Zen. I've begun teaching again - not after a long, hazy, relaxing summer - after a couple of quiet weeks. All summer, I've been teaching intensive English classes and it's been...well, intensive! My present to myself for all the extra work has been to get a new car! Not a bad payoff, but something we've needed for quite some time. I'm very happy with it apart from I seem to have put my sacroiliac joint out of place - not used to a manual gear change - and being reminded that I once broke my left kneecap. Sigh. However, I love driving and I love my new car. Perhaps it's time for a new body!!

Straight lines - no need to engage brain too much. And a lot of Zen to be gained.
I used C-Wing, Yincut, Fassett and my own, Skwirl - which I promise is only straight lines, but with the shading, creates the impression of circles.

Thank you Laura.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Diva Challenge 284 - Monotangle to Tripoli

Tripoli - one of my all time favourite tangles, and the 'tri' part means three, then here are three of my own Tripoli monotangles. This is Laura's challenge this week on I am the Diva - how could I resist?

The first is one that I did when Holly Atwater did the guest blog for the Diva. It was an 'audio' tangle, where I followed her instructions - only at the beginning, I didn't know I was drawing Tripoli and made all my inner triangles different sizes. I was delighted with the result! Still's a personal favourite.

My second one I am not so pleased with. I made a sort of Tripoli as my tangle,  and then filled it with Tripolis. It didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped, but here is it - as sort of Tripoli Pizza!

And then because it really IS one of my favourites, a simple one to compensate for the very busy pizza one - I enjoyed doing this one and am happy with the effect.

Thanks Laura. Off to see what delights await me on the blogs of those who took the challenge this week.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Diva Challenge 276 - Space Truckin' - Moving Tangles

Yay! I can do this one. It is ages since I took part in a challenge (feels like it, anyway) on account of  being incredibly busy and buzzing around from one place to another. Well, when I saw the Diva's Challenge for this week - I was prepared without even knowing it.

Tangle whilst on the move, she said. And for once, this week, I've stopped moving! I'm still busy but definitely less so. However, last week, I was busy flying back to the UK and happily tangling as I did so.

This month has been truly awful for so many reasons around the world. I didn't have time to respond to guest blogger, Suzanne Fluhr, last week and tangle for peace but my heart wishes that we could do something to bring some to those parts that are suffering right now. I can't remember feeling such deep sorrow and pessimism about the world since I was a young teenager and troubled by dreams and genuine fears that we were heading towards a nuclear war. Sigh. Zentangle is wonderful but I'm not convinced it can change the world's problems. And it seems that many places are hell bent on making them worse.

Stop, stop. I actually had a wonderful time in the UK and was so relieved to discover that people were still kind, caring, fun and friendly in the places I visited even if there has been evidence to the opposite effect in other places recently.

Before my visit to England, a friend had asked if her niece could visit for a few days as a birthday treat - to learn some Zentangle from me. She's a brave young woman with some chronic health problems that affect her ability to work full or part time. I'm delighted to say she took to it like a duck to water and even better, has gone home and produced some lovely pieces and has begun to share it with some of the young children that she looks after! Well done, Rachel! Here are some of her practice pieces:


And she's going from strength to strength. Hopefully joining in this challenge before too much longer!

So, here is my moving tangle. Done high above ground on a very smooth flight. Enjoyed every second of it, although I didn't quite get the 'beady one' (couldn't remember the name) right from memory! Also includes Fescu, Crescent Moon, Pokeroot, Flukes, Meringue and Tripoli.

Thanks so much for popping by. Hope to see you around again soon as I rejoin the Zentangle community during the quieter summer months.
And if anyone could jog my memory about the beady one, I will check it so that I can do it properly in future. Thanks! Axxx

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Diva Challenge 276 - Duotangle with Drupe and Pokeroot

I saw the Diva's Challenge early on Monday and poddled off  (I do that sometimes) to have a go. I enjoyed it very much indeed and popped it on Facebook, which I don't always do. It's a busy time for me as I prepare my students for their English exams in just a couple of weeks. I'm trying very hard not to absorb all their stress! I wasn't absolutely sure I'd have time to post on my blog...but...I did.

I popped back just now to the Diva's blog to check out the number of the challenge and read Laura's very touching words on the sad, sad loss of a friend. So sorry, Laura - she sounds such a wonderful person and someone who has been an incredible support to you over the past few years. I hope this lovely tangling community can do its best to help you through the pain as I know so many people will be sending love and hugs and special thoughts to you at this time.

Here is my contribution to the challenge this week.

Chunky, plump Pokeroots over a Drupy background. Lots of shading, lots of fun.
And more hugs to Laura.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Diva Challenge 266

The Diva has some gorgeous pictures on her blog this week, of her boys doing lovely creative things. And at the same time, she manages to inspire a larger host of people across the world. That deserves some big appreciation. Thank you Laura - you are most appreciated!

As this is the first Monday of the month - and the 1st Monday of May no less, when workers of the world unite - it's the Use My Tangle challenge. We have Henrike Bratz's Cruz, which I have used before as it's such a focussing tangle with lovely depth. I'm heavily into practising Eni Oken's Ruutz at the moment, so here you have my attempt at these two together. I haven't exactly deconstructed Cruz, but I've separated the elements a bit for some contrast.

Very much enjoyed this challenge - thanks again, Laura!

And whilst we're here, I'll share my entry for last week's It's a String Thing - another tile I really enjoyed doing. We've had a little break from work and school this week, so it's been nice to have time to tangle. I may have overdone this one a! Quib with Echoism..echoism...echoism....echoism

Thank you so much for popping by! Axxx

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Diva Challenge 263 - Globular Grid!

Oh what fun! I love globes and this week, the Diva asked us to draw a globular grid. I enjoyed this one so very much and am excited to see what everyone else has done with this one.
Thank you Laura. I have been sending happy thoughts all week and hope that Artoo is feeling somewhat better now. He's such a darling!

Quite a lot of tangles fitted into this one - I remember doing a Fife variation, Printemps, Wud, Sandswirl, Emingle and a mini-version of NZepple. Is it Barber Pole around the outside or does this have another name...I really thought I'd got all the names sorted now but I do often find myself stuck to recall certain ones.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Diva Challenge 262 - UMT Fassett by Lynn Mead.

I'm really not sure how the Diva has got to number 262 in her weekly challenges....I think I might be a bit behind now! I was, however, delighted to see that this week we get to play with 'Fassett' by Lynn Mead as it's Use My Tangle on the first Monday of the new month. That reminds me - how did we get to April?

I remember when this tangle first came out and being so excited as the triangles transformed into other shapes. 

This is my first attempt this week - a Fassett Monotangle - where I have tried to bring out some of the shapes that happen when you join the points and do a little shading. 

Perfect Zen.
Happy tangling everyone. I'm glad to report that as we start moving into Spring and the days get longer, I have rediscovered my mojo and have been tangling with a vengeance. This can be seen in my previous post where I have been tangling on the circular beermats that I bought. I have now got my technique for drawing on these rather ink-greedy 'tiles' just about sorted. It has made me extremely productive!

Monday, 28 March 2016


I recently visited family and friends in England and had arranged to collect some blank beermats whilst I was there. I got a stack - some round, some square. This was on the basis of having found some in a pub the last time I was over and discovering that they were perfect for Zentangle.
However, the ones I bought are rather more absorbent than the ones I found in the pub....I was a bit sad to begin with but I'm persevering.

Yesterday, I had a circle-fest. If I use my finest pen (0.05) and work faster than usual, to avoid too much ink soaking into the card, I can achieve a rather nice tile. Or ten! It was Easter weekend and we'd time to relax yesterday so I really, really enjoyed these.

I haven't managed all the challenges recently, which is why I haven't been posting, but I have been tangling. Hope you managed to have a peaceful week in what is currently a rather depressing state of world affairs.

Aquafleur and Florz

Knightsbridge for the Shading challenge on Facebook

A little Mandala

Petals in the middle - not really a tangle, surrounded by Wud and Shattuck

This was for the Diva Challenge but I never got round to posting it.
Shattuck on tan tile - bit out of focus, sorry!

This was also for the shading challenge - a colour background.
With Akoya, SandSwirl, Printemps, Indyrella and Meer. Possibly a touch of Golvern too...

This was my String Thing entry - which I did send -
using Pi as the string! Pokeroot, W2 and Tripoli.

Another Facebook challenge - from Square One - Akoya and Hollibaugh.
I did enjoy this one!

And finally, a glimpse of nine of the ten circle tangles I did this weekend. 
There - I feel as though I've caught up a bit!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Diva Challenge 258. UMT - Rautyflex by Kathrin Bendel CZT

The Diva has had a very interesting few days and lots of inspiration in what looks like a fascinating part of the world. Thank you so much for sharing, Laura.
And this week, with a Use My Tangle from Kathrin Bendel CZT, we have had a real challenge - well, I have! Rautyflex took me quite a few attempts to get 'right' - and it needed to be right otherwise the interesting pattern didn't quite emerge - trust me, it didn't!

I enjoyed doing this in the end but my tile is on the odd side. Firstly, I did it upside down in my sketch book - by accident, I admit - but I liked it better when it really WAS upside down, even though my light source, which always comes from the top left for me, this time comes from bottom right.

Anyway, no excuses - it is what it is. Rautyflex, with Paradox, some Sand Swirl and a new one for me, Frission.

Many thanks for the kind and caring comments last week. I am glad to report that things are now on the up again. Happy International Women's Day too.

Thank you for popping by.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Diva Challenge 257 - Ooh Shiny! With guest blogger Amy Broady CZT

I haven't been having the best of years so far. Tangling is always helpful and my situation isn't very bad but I'm definitely not feeling at my best.
Here's to a fun-filled, lively and exciting March. Barring that - a safe, quiet and happy March...

I did love doing this sparkly tangle for the Diva Challenge though and feel as though I am turning a corner just for the satisfaction it gave me. I tried a new to me tangle, C-Stem, and loved it! Thank you Agneta Landegren!

Also includes Shattuck, Tropicana, Bandola and Printemps plus a few 'fillers'.

Thanks for popping by.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Diva Challenge 253 - Molygon!

A new Zentangle to play with over on the Diva's site. It's called Molygon - a sort of polygon, that's not!
I just let this one take me wherever it wanted. And then filled in each segment with a tangle of its own.

And I enjoyed it very much. I haven't done much tangling since I started back at work and then last weekend, my darling, unique and utterly irreplaceable father-in-law died after a short but fierce battle with cancer. I think I will have to do quite a bit more tangling to work through my feelings and that of my husband. But we are grateful for his life and his love and glad that he doesn't have to suffer any more.

So my Molygon is for Cesar Snr.  Unadorned. RIP.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Diva Challenge - first of 2016! 249 Auraknot and Diva Dance

Happy New Year to you all!!
A good one had by all in our little world, thank goodness, after a bit of a shaky start when my dearest husband was extremely lucky in a little fight with an electric lasting damage done! Puts everything into perspective....

Here's a lovely challenge for the new year from Laura, our Diva of the Challenges! A combination of Auraknot and Diva Dance, celebrating 5 great years of challenges. Mine might not be the most original but it was great fun to do and seemed to just draw itself. Lovely Zen.

Looking forward to a new year of inspiration and challenge in the world of Zentangle - can't imagine life without it, to be honest. Thank you to all those who inspire and challenge!