Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Diva Challenge 244

I´ve just returned from a flying visit (literally) from the UK. I travelled on Friday 13th which is not always an auspicious day and one which many superstitious people choose to avoid. No problem for me and cheap flights too. Not a good day for the folk of Paris though....pause for thought, commiseration and a desperate hope for some resolution somewhere along this awful direction of travel.

But I was lucky.
On Sunday, after a wonderfully nostalgic visit with my bestie in Oxford - whom I haven't seen for almost six years and where we were joined by another friend that we haven't seen for 30!!! (oh my, we really are OLD!) - I travelled to my parents and we all went out for lunch together. I couldn't believe that the pub where we had an excellent, typically English Sunday Roast Dinner also thoughtfully provided 'Zentangle tiles' on the table for their customers to use!! I nabbed a handful but did leave a finished one just to say thank you, of course! (And if anyone has no idea what I'm talking about, then what I remember as 'beer mats', which always had photos and pictures of beer or similar on them, now are plain white and exactly Zentangle tile size!)

At my sister's, before we began our real live 'Scrabblefest' - (we usually play online together) - I began a tangle to test out the 'tiles' and I liked them very much. And then I logged on to the Diva Challenge to discover it was one of my favourites - Tripoli - and so finished off the tile with that tangle for this week's entry.

Here it is with Hanny Waldburger's Abundies. I had bought myself a Sakura 0.05 pen, so it's all done very finely...

The tiles, whilst they didn't make the ink 'bleed' have a rough surface that's not quite white and which looks a tad 'grubby' but I can heartily recommend them and may be asking my sister to go to the pub again for lunch very soon - and to grab another handful for me!

On my journey home, I tangled on the flight and chose four tangles with the letters 'H O M E'. I had been 'home' to England, and was now going back 'home' to my husband and family and I felt very lucky.

Hamail, Opus, Mooka and Echoism - HOME!

Here's thnking of those caught up in some of the world's problems.


  1. both tiles are beautiful, very organic

  2. I purchased a box full of those coasters from Amazon. Nice for a different feel and look sometimes. I like both of the tiles you did and I'm happy that you had a nice time with family.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely visit to the old country. Maybe the pub will hire you to decorate their beer coasters. Both your tiles are very nice. I love having tangling to do waiting in airports and on the plane--when there isn't too much turbulence. I just had to wait a half hour in a bank to meet with a bank officer and I was wishing I had brought along some tangling materials. I should make myself a little set to leave in my pocketbook which is quite small because I use it for travel.

  4. Great tile, I like the Tripoli used as a background for the Abundies

  5. Thansk for this post, Annie. I did tangle quiet some (12) coasters a few years ago. Found them in an art supply shop here in The Netherlands. After tangling I put some transparent varnish on them. Later I found out that a better idea was to plasticize them. I still have them and use some every day.
    Hm, Oxford, I have been there several times and Kees was there just a few weeks ago because his 2nd grandson was born there in a hospital.

  6. I have also bought a couple of boxes from Amazon - square ones, and round ones, and they are really a great thing to have around - either for classes or when friends are visiting. They don't ship to Canada so I had to pick them up in the U.S. when I was at Camerida. Both of your tiles are fabulous! I love your Tripoli variations that float around Abundies, and your second tile is beautifully balanced and organic. Nicely done!


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