Thursday, 30 April 2015

Diva Challenge 215 - Labyrinth

Oooh, thank you Laura! (What a lot of weather you're having!) And what a great challenge! I've learnt how to draw a labyrinth this week and really enjoyed the process. Not a great tile that I produced at the end of it all, but absolutely worth the effort and the journey involved in creating it. Proper Zen, this was! I call it 'Dancing the Diva Labyrinth' - and for the background, DL Labyrinth by Donna Hornsby.

Not a lot of time to do much else this week but I am enjoying seeing what everyone else has done in the many varied and interesting tangle challenges. It's really good to see tangling friends and their work on Facebook and in other places across the web.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Diva Challenge 213, Artful Creation String 004 and String Thing 88

I was determined to do more tangling this week. I've had a few weeks where I haven't made enough 'me' time and I've been getting tangle withdrawal symptoms.

SO, as well as any practice I might do, I've made sure I've done three challenges to keep me in my groove (do people still say this? Perhaps not....showing my age.)

First was the Diva's lovely challenge - pick anything as your string. I may have taken this a bit too literally as I chose scissors...and they didn't disappear into the background the way a string should. But I enjoyed the process. I've used Keeko for the border and then Printemps, Birds on a Wire, Pippin, Ennis, Diva Dance and a tangle I know I copied from Michele Beauchamp, but I don't know its name....

I would probably use scissors as a string again but make sure I didn't emphasise them quite as much.

* Not a 'STOP PRESS' announcement, but I suddenly remembered another stencil I used to nice effect. The town I live in has a wonderful hilltop castle which creates an iconic silhouette on the landscape. I have used this a couple of times as a string and thought I'd share one of them here - maybe you live near something similar. I made mine into postcards and they sold in a flash!

It's been a while since I did Cheryl's challenge too. In the past, we've tangled through the alphabet and now the challenge is to tangle through the strings found on Linda's invaluable TanglePattern's site.  This week it's String 004 - a nice simple couple of loops. I have been practising 'Narwal' by Samantha Taylor which is just beautiful and a pleasure to draw. This is my very simple version.

And I've cheated a bit with this post because I haven't yet done Adele's String Thing Challenge - BUT I WILL! And when I have, I will post it here. Adele puts all the tiles submitted to her challenge on her website on Mondays, so it's slightly different to the other two, which require a blog link in order to see people's tiles. I am going to do this challenge this evening when I finish work. Definitely. For sure. Really.

This is the string..
And the tangles this week are 8s; Pia and Tipz...great choices!
And here is my finished tangle. Thanks for looking and don't forget to check Adele's blog next week to see all the other great entries.