Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Zendala Dares again!!

I only just noticed that Erin, over The Bright Owl, has begun producing her fantastic Zendala Dares again and I am delighted.

However, I noticed a bit late this week and as I publish my version of number 96, I notice that number 97 is already available to do. Never mind. I had such fun doing this one that I'm going to share it anyway!

Thank you Erin. Great to have you back!

The tangles I have used here are, from the centre:

A variation on ArcFlower; Curled Feathers; Echoism; Copada; Nu Wave and Birds on A Wire (which I insist on spoiling every time, by making the 'bird' face the wrong way!!) Never mind - no mistakes.


  1. Beautiful Zendala. Nice choice of tangles. Nicely done.

  2. Absolutely wonderful zendala! Great depth here ... brilliant shading!


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