Thursday, 16 October 2014

Yuma - rescanned and another one!

Following the Diva's Challenge this week, I haven't been able to stop tangling with Yuma - I really love it!

So here is another one, together with rescanned versions of the ones I did earlier in the week - slightly better quality, otherwise, exactly the same! (Just so I have a good copy on my computer, really...)

Some great entries this week as usual - don't forget to check them out on the Diva's blog.

My Yum sprouted some Aquafleur characteristics in the bottom part but remained very prim and contained in the top. Cruffle decided to make an appearance too.

Here are the other two I did in scanned versions - the others were taken on my tablet. Thanks for popping by.


  1. Beautiful addition, almost like a combination of the two previous tiles.
    Did I mention I love the white spaces and how they make YUMA different in the second tile? :)

  2. Love the appearance of the Aquafluer wraps in this tile! It gives the Yuma such nice depth and contrast!

  3. nice use of Yuma - I like the way it comes out of aquafleur - well done

  4. Wonderful with this touch of aquafleur!

  5. +1 on the aquafleur. Really nice frosting on your Yuma cake.

  6. This new one is lovely too; I like the shine in the seeds.

  7. Okay, that top one reminds me of fields in the country, and there's a wind blowing over the top, and the cruffles came bouncing along. They made me smile. The aquafleur makes it very interesting. Love it!


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