Saturday, 27 September 2014

String Thing 59, Cheryl's Artful Creations, Square One and a Wacky Tangle!

These are four 'challenges' that appear on a weekly basis, in addition to the Diva's, which is still one of the most popular. However, it's lovely to have so much inspiration to create Zentangle.

Adele Bruno's challenge is 'String Thing' and based on a new string and a defined set of tangles - although Adele is never 100% prescriptive and welcomes the 'Frayed Knot' (sorry, this relates to a joke I am fond of, but I'm hopeless at telling jokes. You may know it and if you don't, the answer is 'I'm afraid not...' Never mind!) And this week, we were given this string and the tangles 'Oke' and 'Meringue'.

As the string is based on 'Oke', rather predictably, I used this as the beginning of my tangle and just continued from there. I can't wait to see what everyone else has done with it this week! Here is mine.

It's a little while since I did Cheryl's Artful Creations challenge. We were working through the alphabet, which was great fun - and now, she is suggesting we choose tangles based on a different selection of three letters each week. This week, the letters are T, E and M. And there are some lovely ones! Lots and lots and lots! It was a challenge to pick just a few, but here are mine: Eyfylis, Meer, a little Meringue(ish), Twile and a wave to TwentyOne. I really enjoyed this one - Twile (Stoic) is a new one for me and wow, did it hit the Zen spot!!

Then, the weekly challenge posted on Facebook, Square One, Purely Zentangle, which is great for doing a tile-sized tangle using only pen and pencil. It really helps focus the mind and this week, the tangle chosen is 'Betweed' - the very first tangle that set me off on the Zentangle path. And I was in love immediately! I did this one last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tipple is the perfect partner for it and I thought 'Aah' added just the right amount of 'awe' in the background. I'm happy with this one, can you tell? Aw! 
And finally, another Facebook challenge - the Wacky one! This group encourages ZIAs and wider expressions in Zentangle but also to push the boundaries of individual tangles. A while ago, we were issued with 'Crusade' and I did a tangle but wasn't sure if I liked it enough to post. However, a revisit has made me feel differently about it - does this every happen to you? I rather like it now and thought it should make an appearance here, if only for posterity!

Crusade: a very lovely tangle. 

Well, that about sums it up!! Hope you've enjoyed taking part in the challenges. Axxx


  1. what lovely work - all of them. I especially like your Oke and Meringue tile - your meringue is so well done (I find it very difficult) and the white draws your eye to it so well. I like the design of your 'betweed' tile and your t.e.m. tile with efylis in the middle is so much fun. well done.

  2. Beautiful tiles, all of them! Oke is my favorite, it looks gorgeous!

  3. I love the color of the Oke-tile and how it came out. And I love the shading of your other tiles, well done.


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