Sunday, 3 August 2014

U Tangles for Tackle it Tuesday.

I wasn't sure about 'U' tangles. I couldn't remember ever doing any before but was very pleasantly surprised to find quite a few that I really enjoyed tackling! The challenge on Cheryl's Artistic Creations has reached the letter 'U' now and, having been away for a while, I thought I'd better give it a go. Really enjoyed it - thanks Cheryl!

I particularly enjoyed 'Unme' and used that, plus Undling, Unyan and Up 'n' Down.

...and in great haste, here too is my entry to the String Thing challenge that Adele Bruno issues each week. I might be a bit late with this one but here it is - it was good fun and I used Facet, Fancy Nancy and Fandango.

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