Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back to basics - Square One.

I've joined - as have many people whose names I recognise - a new group that has been set up on Facebook. It's called 'Square One' as in 'go back to square one' and start with the basics. And the basics of Zentangle are to use a tile, black pen and shading. I am so enjoying this group!

So far, I have done a number of tiles and I just wanted to share them here as this is the place I like to capture my tangles.

Chris Titus and Jenny Perruzzi are the key people in the group - both CZTs - and they offer suggestions for tangles to revisit, remember, reuse or just learn. I have just learnt to do Bronx Cheer and have two offerings for that particular challenge.
With Nymph and a little Zinger - I wasn't happy with my stems on Bronx Cheer ...

so did a tile with Meringe, Pokeleaf and a little Zinger...and I like my Bronx Cheer much better now.

 Earlier, we did a new to me tangle called 'Twing' - which I absolutely loved and also inspired me to do two contributions.

Here is Twing with a little Paradox, Nzepple, Cruffle, Shattuck, Printemps and Florz.
I enjoyed doing this one very much and I do feel I've gone back to basics with it.

And even more basic - Twing, with Zinger and Tipple and Black Perlz.
A lovely tangle to play with.

And Verdigogh...who doesn't love this one? Here it is with my own new tangle, Romie.

Sorry about the quality of these two last ones, but I took them on my camera in poor light...won't do that again!

If you haven't seen this group, get onto Facebook and look for Square One: Purely Zentangle. It's definitely worth checking out, if you haven't already!

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