Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Diva Challenge 182 - Stripes!

A return to stripes for the Diva this week. Laura says its been a challenge before but it's not one I remember so a new one for me.

I like doing stripes of tangles so enjoyed this very much and kept it simple.

I used a favourite - Ditto - plus a new one A-fog and one that I learnt for the Wacky Challenge that begins with a 'V'...will have to go and look it up because I can't remember the name! Aha! I was right - it is Voga. (Knew it was V!) Plus some little criss-crossing stripes in the top left hand corner - a Zentangle method rather than a specific pattern.

I have joined the Square One facebook group that shares only 'pure' Zentangle tiles - no colour, a 3.5" square tile and abstract Zentangles, not ZIAs. I have really enjoyed focusing on the basics again and all my 'tiles' (hand drawn usually as I don't have any tiles cut or available at the moment and getting hold of original Zentangle tiles is beyond my budget...) are the right dimensions. It has been both more restricting and more liberating at the same time - something that drew me to Zentangle in the first place...and if that sounds a bit odd to the uninitiated, then I suppose you could argue that it includes at least fifty shades of gray....

And I include another, tongue-in-cheek, take on 'Stripes'. I was thinking that the most stripey thing I could think of was a Zebra...and so drew a tile that is restricted to just Zedbra stripes but viewed through/in liberating little circles. I enjoyed my own joke but wish I'd been able to make the tile look just as I wanted - I've seen others get the effect I was searching for but it's something I shall have to practice.

Do check out the other entries to the challenge on the Diva's blog - and thanks to Laura for constant inspiration!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back to basics - Square One.

I've joined - as have many people whose names I recognise - a new group that has been set up on Facebook. It's called 'Square One' as in 'go back to square one' and start with the basics. And the basics of Zentangle are to use a tile, black pen and shading. I am so enjoying this group!

So far, I have done a number of tiles and I just wanted to share them here as this is the place I like to capture my tangles.

Chris Titus and Jenny Perruzzi are the key people in the group - both CZTs - and they offer suggestions for tangles to revisit, remember, reuse or just learn. I have just learnt to do Bronx Cheer and have two offerings for that particular challenge.
With Nymph and a little Zinger - I wasn't happy with my stems on Bronx Cheer ...

so did a tile with Meringe, Pokeleaf and a little Zinger...and I like my Bronx Cheer much better now.

 Earlier, we did a new to me tangle called 'Twing' - which I absolutely loved and also inspired me to do two contributions.

Here is Twing with a little Paradox, Nzepple, Cruffle, Shattuck, Printemps and Florz.
I enjoyed doing this one very much and I do feel I've gone back to basics with it.

And even more basic - Twing, with Zinger and Tipple and Black Perlz.
A lovely tangle to play with.

And Verdigogh...who doesn't love this one? Here it is with my own new tangle, Romie.

Sorry about the quality of these two last ones, but I took them on my camera in poor light...won't do that again!

If you haven't seen this group, get onto Facebook and look for Square One: Purely Zentangle. It's definitely worth checking out, if you haven't already!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Diva Challenge 181

Trying to get sorted earlier this week...

The Diva has spent a wonderful weekend on, near and in the water and this inspired the challenge for this week. Water!
It is a great inspirer and I suspect I may be inspired to do another one as the week continues...there really are so many options. Thanks Laura!

I used Agua, Tipple, Scallops, Verve, Angel Fish and oh gosh, the ferny one whose name I don't know...can anyone help me?? I'm afraid I scanned it in at a bit of an angle...

Yes, there's definitely another watery one making waves in my head right now....Can't wait to see what everyone else does with this one!! Axxx

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Diva Challenge 180 and a new tangle

Last minute this challenge as I've had a fun-packed busy week!
I was not inspired by the UMT this month but I know that many others have been - and very much so, with an amazing selection of clever effects produced. Thank you for sharing Anneke Van Dam's tangle, Laura.

I decided to use it as a background for a new tangle. It's simple and uses curved and straight lines only and I've been enjoying using it in some ZIAs, which I share here.

Let me know if you fancy trying it out - I'd love to see what can be done! I have included the step outs at the bottom of the page. I have called it 'Romie' after my daughter, Romy...we pronounce it with a short 'o' as in 'often' but I have heard it pronounced as if it were inspired by choose!

Romie with a MacDee background

Romie in a ZIA with Meringue and Florz

Step outs for Romie as submitted to Linda at Tangle Patterns....have to wait and see whether I've 'recreated' something that already exists! I've done it once before in absolute innocence so we'll have to see!! 

Thanks for stopping by - don't forget to check out the great UMT tangles on I am the Diva's blogspot!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Diva Bijou Challenge 179

There's a new snail in town...Bijou....and a welcome one at that! I've always been rather partial to snails and all things swirly and spirally, so I warmed to Bijou immediately.

Bijou - like the name - does things small but perfectly formed. And Zentangle tiles are now available in 2" by 2" squares - also known as Twinchies, which is also a lovely name.

I haven't done one of these before and don't have paper cut to size, so for the Diva's Challenge this week, I drew three small squares to the requisite size and tangled them. It was definitely a different experience - it felt different and my compositions are different too. Great idea - I'll do it again for sure!

Top left, Meer and Mooka, plus a little fringe of Locar, I think
Top left, Bales.
Bottom centre, Unme and Purk.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

U Tangles for Tackle it Tuesday.

I wasn't sure about 'U' tangles. I couldn't remember ever doing any before but was very pleasantly surprised to find quite a few that I really enjoyed tackling! The challenge on Cheryl's Artistic Creations has reached the letter 'U' now and, having been away for a while, I thought I'd better give it a go. Really enjoyed it - thanks Cheryl!

I particularly enjoyed 'Unme' and used that, plus Undling, Unyan and Up 'n' Down.

...and in great haste, here too is my entry to the String Thing challenge that Adele Bruno issues each week. I might be a bit late with this one but here it is - it was good fun and I used Facet, Fancy Nancy and Fandango.