Sunday, 13 July 2014

String Thing 48, Tackle it Tuesday and some special tangles..

Why is it that some days, the tangles just flow out and others, it feels like I don't know where to begin?

This week's String Thing Challenge by Adele Bruno was one of the former. Most definitely. I LOVED doing this one.

This week's Tackle it Tuesday, posted by Cheryl on Artful Creations, has reached the letter 'R' in the alphabet of tangles. I've started doing the Derwent Art Academy course - an online set of classes - and so far, we've concentrated on shading and may see the influence of this in my tile here!

Rouche, Rixty, Raindotty, Rosé, Reticulated, and Rags

I held my regular 'Zentangle' class with a small and dedicated group of people, here in my home town, Alcala la Real in Spain - a long, long way from Rhode Island and with little chance of me every becoming a CZT - but where I have to say, my group produce some wonderful tiles!! This week, I included the four tangles used for the String Thing - plus one or two others - and even on my rubbish phone camera, you have to agree that there are some great pieces here! Well done my group - you know who you are!


  1. Well done, Annie.

    You certainly have a talent for the intricate designs. Are they relaxing to do? I tried to do one but it was just like a five year old would do, but admittedly I didn't go with any of the moves or tangles; mine was just a doodle whilst covering a lesson.

    Keep up the good work. I love to see your work but it isn't for me ;o)

    1. Thank you Gaynor. I find it not only relaxing to draw but now really quite essential to my life! Some turn out surprisingly well and others not so good but the pleasure is the process. I'm looking forward to our three hour flight back to the UK on Wednesday - a good excuse to just draw!


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