Monday, 23 June 2014

String Thing 145

I've missed a couple of week's String Things so was determined to do Adele's challenge this week.

Diva Dance
Dex - official Zentangle® patterns
Demi by Genevieve Crabe
Diamonds & Squares by Deanne Stewart-Mills
Dooledo by Ksenija Vojisavlijevic

I 'cheated' because I missed out a whole section down the right hand side - I was watching the football at the same time. Might as well not have bothered of course as the two teams I was cheering for - Spain and England - are both out and will soon be on their way home. However, I do need to stress that the wonky lines in the top and left border ARE deliberate! It was good fun to do and I present it warts and all without hesitation:

Looking forward to seeing the other entries later on today. Thanks Adele!

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