Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Painting with tangles

It's my wonderful in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary this year.

I wanted to make them a picture. My mother-in-law loves to make things and the more 'home-made' the better she likes it and I know she'd appreciate anything that I made for her. I already made a card, which I forgot to photograph, and we sent it to arrive on the day; she told me she loved it so much that it made her cry. In case you don't know, my husband is Spanish and when I first met my future mother-in-law, I couldn't speak very much Spanish at all. I credit her with teaching me most of what Spanish I now know as she never stops talking and I used to listen intently to everything she said, in the hope of understanding just a little. Now my Spanish is good enough to know that her conversation - interesting and illuminating as it is - is often just a stream of conscience and it's not necessary to pay close attention. I love her dearly.

My painting is based on one I saw just today by Michele Thomas on a Facebook group - it just blew me away and I knew it was what I wanted to do. This is her original which she has given me permission to reproduce.

And this is my coloured, simplified version, done using gouache paints on a canvas, then tangled with a Staedtler 0.1 pigment liner black pen. The photo is a bit out of focus on the right hand side for some reason - but this one didn't fit in the scanner!! It's 30cm x 30cm.

And of course, I have to do the self-criticism bit, which is that I did the foreground first, which was silly because I wanted my trees to be growing out of the ground, not perched on top of it...but I am not an artist and I have to learn these things the hard way....next time, I will know. It was such fun to do and I'm going to have it framed for my in-laws. And I wish them a very Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary!

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