Friday, 27 June 2014

'O' and 'P' tangles and String Thing 46

I got a bit behind with the tangles starting with letters of the alphabet - a challenge put out by Cheryl on Artful Creations - so decided to join in at letter 'O'. This week, we are doing 'P' but I haven't quite finished that one yet...a work in progress as I think all my favourite tangles begin with 'P'......(all done now - see below!!)

Opus, Onamato, Organza and Olé

I'm also still working on the Diva Challenge this week - more of that to come!

And I finished my String Thing for Adele Bruno's weekly challenge too. This week, we had to use tangles created by Sue Jacobs and I enjoyed this one very much. The only thing is I forgot that 'Ditto' - one of my favourites (that doesn't begin with a 'P', of course!) is also one of Sue's - and I didn't include it!! Never mind...I will use it somewhere else very soon, no doubt.
Sue´s tangles - Vigne, Coil, LaBel and Bumps
And finished my 'P's just now!! What fun - I had to limit my choices as there are so many 'p' tangles that I love. Here I've included Paradox, Purk, Pokeroot, Pendrils, Printemps and a variation on Potsn'Pans for a border. I could have gone on and on!

Thanks for popping by! Let me know you were here.


  1. Great tiles! And I'm so honored that you chose to do the one with my tangles. I especially love the shading you did on LaBel and the way you 'Biggified' Vigne!

    1. I just wish I'd remembered that the wonderful Ditto was yours too, Sue - one of my all time favourites!! Axxx

  2. Beautiful tiles! Love the shading, especially on the Purk.

    1. Thanks Zoe - I know Purk is one of your favourites too. Axxx


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