Saturday, 17 May 2014

A String Thing 40

Another week whizzes by and it's time again to submit my tile to Adele Bruno for the String Thing Challenge. Absolutely wonderful one this week - a tile within a tile.

Adele gave us this string by Beth Snodderley:

and - as usual - a set of tangles based on the String creator's name - tangles this week beginning 'Be'...

These include:

Beadlines by CZT Margaret Bremner
and three official Zentangle® patterns -
Beeline and

I so love Betweed and Beeline that I stuck with those two, although if you look very carefully, you might just see a teeny weeny Beadline here and there. 

Great fun, love the tile within a tile effect and enjoyed this in a lovely, straightforward Zentangle sort of way.
Thanks Adele - as always, looking forward to seeing all the entries on Monday. 


  1. very nice
    Have a nice evening, * Manja *

  2. Thank you for welcoming me. I love the little "nails" that you used in your tile to hold things!

    1. Thanks Kate - Betweed needed nailing down in this one! Axxx


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