Saturday, 12 April 2014

The String Thing, Wacky Tangle and Artful Creations Challenges

This week, I've done a tangled egg for the Wacky Zentangle Challenge that runs on Facebook. This is a new find and I've enjoyed the challenges I done thus far. The egg is a favourite shape and usually at this time of year, I am making them out of chocolate but this year, I simply don't have the time.
This is my submission, which you must imagine is in white and milk chocolate!

It includes Sand Swirl, Printemps, Flux, Florz, Quandary, Diva Dance, Echoism, Crescent Moon, Shattuck, Nzeppel and a couple of others whose names escape me just at the moment.....

After I'd done it, I had an overwhelming urge to use some colour on it...and am pleased with the result although the lovely gold accents don't show up on the scanned copy.

I also dashed off a tangle for Adele Bruno's 'A String Thing' which needed to be in today - I had only a little time to do it, but it was a lovely one to do, using this string:

and patterns Cadent, Crescent Moons, Cayke and Chillon.

And this is my attempt, sorry - contribution!
As always, great fun to do but the best bit is seeing all the other contributions together on Adele's blog on Mondays! Amazing variations and wonderful tangling. Do check them all out. 

And finally, Cheryl's Artful Creation Challenge, which this week is to do a tile using just tangles beginning with the letter 'G'. I chose Girlande, Golven, Groovy and Good Joss.  I think you can see I did this and the one above one after the other - they don't really seem very much different to me...

Happy Easter Week! 

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