Saturday, 29 March 2014

String Thing 33

On Monday, Adele Bruno will post all the entries in the weekly 'String Thing' Challenge. Usually, I spend a bit of time doing these as it's an opportunity to learn one or more new tangles.
This week, I was in a dreadful rush but wanted to take part.

It was a lovely string - and Adele gave us some very nice tangles to work with - some of which were new to me, but which I know I will use again and again.

Japan Diamond by CZT Laura Liu
and three official Zentangle® patterns:
Diva Dance
W2    and

I had just about 20 minutes to complete the task today and enjoyed a very Zen 20 minutes at that. Nothing fancy, just one of the patterns in each of the section, with a little colour to hint at the Spring that is now springing! I think I will probably have a go at another version before the end of the weekend...

Don't forget to pop over to Adele's and see what everyone else has come up with at some point on Monday!

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