Thursday, 20 February 2014

String Thing #27

This weekly challenge is posted by Sue over on Tickled to Tangle and is called 'It's a String Thing'. I enjoy this challenge because we're given all the 'tools' to deliver a tile - a string and suggested tangles - within the week. The results that emerge from the same instructions are amazingly and wildly different.
The latest tangle was based on the 'quilt' idea, based on the lovely quilt patterns used at the Winter Olympics - an unusual string, made up of straight lines:

and using tangle patterns that begin with the letter 'E' -

Echo by Sue Clark, CZT  Be sure to look up Sue's variations of the pattern - there are so many it would be possible to complete this challenge as a monotangle!
Efilys by Sandra Strait

5 official Zentangle® patterns:
Equerre - by Genevieve Crabe, CZT 

In my rather prosaic way, I decided to use all the tangles as most of them were unknown to me and this is what I so like about the challenge. And I stuck to my early Zentangle lesson of using the string to separate one tangle from another - and quite liked the final effect:

I do urge you, if you haven't already, to look at the results produced by others too. They are - as always - fantastic, inventive, imaginative and skilful. Thanks Sue for such a lovely challenge. Looking forward to the next one.


  1. Well done! I must say I find it really difficult to have my tangles "dictated" to me (not in a negative way) I find it hard to leave my comfort zone I guess.

    1. I'm learning a lot by doing the different challenges - I'll have a go at anything if it keeps me tangling! Axxx


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