Saturday, 8 February 2014

String Thing #26

Adele on Tickled to Tangle gave us a lovely hearty string this week for the 'String Thing' Tile challenge. It was created by Jo Farmer.

I have been feeling a little uninspired recently but perked up a bit for this one. Not much of a romantic, I was tempted to steampunk this one at first - and may well do - but decided to submit a tile that was full of  LOVE. And the love is truly for the tangles that I enjoy doing - and which have so changed a big part of my life through the discovery of Zentangle.

Thank you Adele, thank you Jo - and a big thank you to everyone else involved in Zentangle, from Maria and Rick outwards! It's a lovely community to be part of.

a bit of Fassett, lots of Ornamato, Flux and Florz;
Mooka and Tipple, Heartstrings, Aquafleur and Ditto
(and cheating just a bit on the String...)


  1. Love the way your Ditto came out here. It's so exciting to see one of my babies taking flight! The whole tile is lovely.

    1. Thank you Sue - I still have to perfect it but I love it so much that I'm getting lots of practice! Axxx


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