Friday, 24 January 2014

String Thing #24

Another interesting selection of tangles - this time beginning with the letter 'Y' and a string by Courtney Franz. Again, all the tangles were completely new - apart from the dreaded 'Y-ful Power' which I did try once...and failed miserably. I stuck at it this time and although it lacks some of the elegance of its originator, Shoshi, I used it and got it to flow a bit.

Yabbut by Margaret Bremner, CZT
Yang by Genevieve Crabe, CZT
Yew-dee by Peg Farmer, CZT
Y-ful Power by Shoshi
Yincut and official Zentangle® pattern

This is the string:

It really did look like a tunnel to me when I transferred it roughly onto my paper and I came up with this.

Which I enjoyed doing and rather like.

I also tried to do something different too - and was determined to get the better of Y-ful Power too!

This, on blue card:

I don't like it quite as much but I do like to keep a record of what I do...

Looking forward to seeing the other entries on Adele's blog - Tickled to Tangle - when she uploads them sometime around Monday. It is fascinating to see what a range of interpretations are put on a fairly narrow set of options!

Happy weekend!

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