Monday, 15 December 2014

Diva Challenge 198 - KISS....

Keep it Simple, Silly!

Laura and family seem as busy and cheerful as ever over on I am the Diva but I don't blame her one little bit for wanting to keep things simple at this time of the year. I wish all the family a great Christmas and hope Artoo's recovery continues - he and his brother certainly seem to be having fun!

I did this simple tile yesterday as one of my Christmas card toppers. Verdigogh, one of my all time favourites, is simple, elegant and doesn't usually need anything else to go with it. Rather than finishing it off as usual by subtle shading, I resisted doing any at all in order to keep those simple was difficult as I love shading! But I like it.
Hope you all have a great Christmas.


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Diva Challenge 196 - All Dolled Up!

I was interested in the phrase 'all dolled up' - it took me back in time to when I was a child. My grandmother and her friends used this term quite regularly and it obviously came across the waters during the war years. Referring to a woman as a 'doll' is definitely American slang - but, how it rolled off northern Yorkshire tongues...and it's a phrase I haven't heard for a long, long time. So my first thanks to Emily are for this wonderful blast from the past for me as an introduction to her challenge as guest over on the Diva's blog.

And my second thanks are for such a lovely idea. I wasn't immediately struck as I'm not a 'doll' sort and never was, but then I also remembered some lovely Russian dolls that a friend had and this inspired my entry this week. Who doesn't love the Matryoshka nesting figures? (This link is to a shop but it is mainly to show a lovely selection of painted dolls - I'm not affiliated in any way!)

Here is my Matryoshka in Zentangle. The hardest part for me was the face - I toyed with Printemps eyes but she could have ended up looking very spaced out, so I stuck with a traditional style even though this isn't very Zentangle. Hope that's OK. Great fun to do - lovely challenge. Looking forward to checking out what everyone else comes up with this week!

Thanks for visiting - hope you'll leave me a little comment. Axxx

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Diva Challenge 195 - Turning old into new

A great idea from this week's guest challenger over on the Diva's blog. Sandy Hunter gave us the great idea of liberating gridded tangles or capturing ungridded tangles - and she also gave us some amazingly creative examples to inspire us.

I was initially a bit overwhelmed by this challenge and did a few stumbling starts - one of which I will share here: This one is called 'Seton Breaking Free' and it could have been so much better....but I liked the idea!
I did a couple of others which I liked even less. Then this morning, when I was thinking it was getting a bit too late to take part, I managed to do one that I really liked. It uses 'Tami' which isn't really an 'old' pattern for me but is one that I immediately fell in love with and usually use in a very free sort of way - and it seemed a good choice to try and put in a grid.

I've left it showing in my drawing book, which is a beautiful thing I bought one day just for my tangles. It's about six inches square (15cms) and so I usually draw my 3.5" 'tile' in the middle of the paper, but today, I drew a freehand grid and it is slightly bigger than the Zentangle tile should be, so I won't be posting it on the Facebook group! 

I think this challenge really shows the versatility of each and every tangle and I think it was a fantastic idea - thank you Sandy!! Here is Tami in a grid.

Thanks for popping by - I'll be checking out all the other entries as soon as I a mountain of ironing to do first though....! Have a great week. Axxx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Left-handed Diva Challenge

Wow, what a roller coaster of emotions Elisa stirred in me when I read the latest 'Diva Challenge'!!
Firstly, her exuberant style of writing immediately engaged me - she opened up and shared herself straightaway and I really liked that. Then she threw a real challenge out - do a Zentangle WITH THE WRONG HAND!! Wow, I say again, and WOW!

I have long fancied doing this but somehow never actually got round to doing it. So a big thank you from me, Elisa, for pushing me where I wanted to go but never followed through on my own. I was fascinated by Elisa's beautiful contribution - it really has a different feel to it and I liked it very much, together with her stream of conscious thoughts that occurred as she did it.

And then I read her potted bio and was shocked to hear of her own tragedy - another person in this wonderful community of people who has had to bear a devastating personal blow and yet who has managed to get up and get on again and give so much to others in the process. I am so very sorry for your dreadful loss, Elisa. I really cannot - and don't want to have to - imagine what you and your family must have to have gone through and I am impressed/humbled/thankful that you have found such strength to carry on and see the good there is to be had in life.

So, following on from last week's 'THX' from Holly, this week, we can look at things from the other side - and in my case, the left side, though some tanglers must be left-handed, I'm sure -  and be grateful for whatever we have and how we can adapt ourselves to the challenges life throws at us.

I hope Artoo's recovery is continuing and that Laura and her family are doing well during this time. Thank you to Laura for introducing Elisa to us - I feel I have met someone very special.

Here is my left-handed Zentangle for this week. I had hoped that it would look completely different to my right-handed ones....but it doesn't! It just looks a bit more wobbly, the shading is very heavy-handed and I have made lots of smudges on the edges...but it's not too bad overall. Great challenge. Thank you Elisa.

I used Wud, Aura-Leah, Pendrills, Swarm and curvy Steps.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A new challenge for me - Joey's weekly tangle challenge

I had seen submissions to this challenge on a number of tanglers' blogs but this is the first week I have taken part myself....could well be the first of many! Thank you Joey for offering us yet more inspiration to make Zentangle art .

This week's challenge, here on Zoey's blog,  was to make a monotangle using Knightsbridge. Always a tangle I forget to use regularly - it sometimes seems 'too easy' but with a little extra thought, it is very dramatic and effective. Check out the other entries too. I like how Zoey displays the photos on her blog - works really well as an invitation to look more closely.

Here is my entry - Knightsbridge on the diagonal.

Thank you for looking. Axxx

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

What a difference a day makes!

Today, here in Andalucia, the rain is lashing down and the hills are invisible under layers of cloud. Last night, one of the plugs in my daughter's bedroom began smoking and as my brave husband was investigating, there was a 'PLAS' (Spanish sound for anything that explodes!) and all the lights went out. Hubby was fine, I hasten to add.
This morning, we're awaiting a visit from the electrician because although most of the lights and electrics went back on once the fuse was fixed, both bedrooms where the boys sleep were left without any electricity. Bad wiring is suspected but I am no expert so will wait for the official - and probably expensive - verdict. Not the best start to the day.

However, this morning, I had a little message from Holly Atwater - who this week is the guest blogger over on I am the Diva, whilst Laura and family tend to Artoo following his surgery - congratulating me on having my new tangle 'Skwirl' published on TanglePatterns. I was so excited that I was almost late for work - so busy I was checking out the page and the link. Thank you Linda, thank you Holly - and thank you to the 2000+ people who have visited my page since last night! Gosh - I feel famous! What must it be like for people who are coming up with new tangles every week? Well, I may never know...I enjoy learning new tangles so much that I don't focus too much on creating my own - but forgive me for a morning's basking in my own reflected glory - in lieu of the sun, you understand.

And back to Holly, who gave us a wonderful challenge this week using tangles that make us thankful - 'THX' - Trio, Huggins and Xyp. As well as being thankful for my moment of fame in the Zentangle world, I am thankful to be part of this lovely community of people and that I found - by accident - the art of Zentangle. I have many, many other things to be thankful for too and I have put a little extra time into this week's challenge whilst being mindful of what those things are. I really enjoyed learning Xyp; Trio is a new favourite and Huggins, hiding here a little, is an old favourite.

If you haven't seen Skwirl on Tangle Patterns and want to have a look, I have used it in these patterns and shared them on my blog already - here, including stepouts and here. Please let me know if and when you give Skwirl a try, won't you?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Diva Challenge 191 - Betweed

Laura has a busy month ahead and I do hope all the challenges she and the family face go as smoothly as a Betweed monotangle. This is the challenge she has left us and I am very happy to accept this - and although I am probably not the first, I've managed to do my tangle on the same day as the challenge was posted - a first for me!

Here is my monotangle - Betweed and nothing else at all.

I wish Laura and Artoo and the whole family all the very best. Take care and speedy recovery.

Thanks for looking - as always, I look forward to seeing what everyone else does with the challenge each week. Axxx

Friday, 24 October 2014

Diva Challenge 190, String Thing 63, Square One and Wacky Challenge...busy week!

Hi everyone - I've been doing a lot of tangling this week and have a variety of different tangles to share here.

First up is the Diva Challenge, which this week honours Laura's Grandma Ardath, who suffered from breast cancer and as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I can't think of any better inspiration than to honour Grandma Ardath's memory this way - and of course, promote the practice of self-examination and awareness of changes in our own breasts.

I had a mammogram a few months ago and all seemed fine - until I got a phone call asking me to go back. I was momentarily worried but in the end, I was reassured that there was no problem with me, but that the left X-ray hadn't been done as well as it could have been. The radiographer told me there and then that the new X-ray showed all was fine. Phew.

Laura said to use pink, which seems such a good idea, and here is my 'Pink for Ardath' tangle based on the pink ribbon logo, with just two tangles - Heartstrings and Crescent Moon - the background is a tangle of my own based on an optical illusion I saw - there are no curved lines in the drawing, but if you join the 'corners' of the squares and shade, then little circles 'pop' out all over! The stepouts are here and I call it 'Skwirl'

My second contribution to the challenges on the go this week is for 'A String Thing', run by Adele Bruno on 'Tickled to Tangle'. Adele gives us a string and a set of tangles - and off we all go. The results are always fantastic for their invention and diversity and I love this challenge. Especially as it included Quandry and Quib this week! What's not to like. Here is my tile. It went a bit skewiffy in the scanner but never mind. Also included are Quere and Quiltz.

Moving swiftly on, I think the Square One - Purely Zentangle group over on Facebook - has attracted dedicated Zentangle folk from all corners of the earth. This week we had the eternally inspiring and glorious Aquafleur to play with and I did enjoy it - and seeing all the wonderful contributions.

This is one of my entries, together with a modified Meer and Chillon in the background - oh, and a few beadlines. There have been some incredible variations on this lovely tangle and it's a very supportive and inspiring group.

Also on Facebook is the Wacky Zentangle Challenge, which is sort of opposite from the purist approach of Square One. This week, we were challenged to do teeny tiny tangles - as small as coins. I have here four that I did - and you'll just have to take my word that they are all the size of a 1 euro coin...which is not big! I really enjoyed them but wish I had made them into 'Inchies' with the borders around. Maybe if I have some time I will do this.
Aura-Leah and Tipple
Peanuckle with a hached background

Cyme and Fescu

Heartstrings and Florz

And that's it - if you made it this far, thank you so much for sticking with me to the end. Hope you liked what you saw. Axxx

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Yuma - rescanned and another one!

Following the Diva's Challenge this week, I haven't been able to stop tangling with Yuma - I really love it!

So here is another one, together with rescanned versions of the ones I did earlier in the week - slightly better quality, otherwise, exactly the same! (Just so I have a good copy on my computer, really...)

Some great entries this week as usual - don't forget to check them out on the Diva's blog.

My Yum sprouted some Aquafleur characteristics in the bottom part but remained very prim and contained in the top. Cruffle decided to make an appearance too.

Here are the other two I did in scanned versions - the others were taken on my tablet. Thanks for popping by.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Diva Challenge 189 -UMT Yuma.

I've had such fun with this week's challenge.  Thank you,  Laura and thank you Akua for a very lovely new tangle.

This post is from my tablet as I'm rather busy this week, so apologies for the slightly odd colour of my uploads. I will redo the post when I get chance. The rush to post is so I can allow myself to see what everyone else has done!

 Shading is my 'thing' so you can imagine how much I enjoyed doing these two!

I may even do another one!

Thanks again - I did love this challenge! Axxx

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Diva Challenge 188 - Coming Out and 'Tackle it Tuesday' tangles

I had no idea that 11th October was National Coming Out Day but can't think of a better way to offer my support to anyone who wants to be accepted for who they are, than to submit a tile to the Diva for this week's Challenge. Laura was moved to receive a suggestion by a young boy and it's worth reading what he had to say that prompted her to issue the challenge.

I have just read Maggiebee's blog, where as well as a great tile, she gave us the origin of the word 'GAY' when used in this context - Good As You - and coming from the revolutionary 1960s when concern for Civil and Human Rights were at the forefront of many minds. In the intervening 50 years of so, I think we have moved a little way from the bigotry and prejudice that was prevalent then but still not far enough. There is often great joy and colour in the movement to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people - hence the links with rainbow colours and pink parades - but still a lot of barriers to everyone understanding the problems and the lack of understanding often handed out to this section of society.

We are all our own unique mixture of genes, hormones, chemicals and complexities and to show some solidarity and support, my tile is based on a rainbow string, has a little rainbow colour in each of the tangles and the tangles I have chosen all begin the letters L,G,B and T and include Laced, Linked, Golvern, Groovy (which went its own it should!) BB, Beadlines, Trio and Trumpits.

Check out the Diva's blog to see all the other great contributions,

Another tangle I've done this week is for Cheryl's Artful Creation blog, where this week, she's challenged us to do a tile using three specific tangles that spell 'SUN' - and the tangles are SeZ, a Zentangle original that I have never, ever used; Up and Across by Suzanne McNeil, which I have used just once, and the new tangle based on Nzepple, called 'Nymph' by Melinda Barlow. I wasn't sure I would like SeZ as it seems so incredibly simplistic, but as always with Zentangle, I was very pleasantly surprised. So, without further ado, here is my 'Tackle it Tuesday' tile and rather in keeping with the above challenge, I can imagine someone wearing this combination during a 1960s protest march!!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tackle it Tuesday - on Sunday!

Cheryl's Artful Creations offers a challenge each week and, as the title suggests, this is on Tuesdays! This week, we've been challenged to use tangles that begin with the letters - *  W, R, E, and B - one or all of them.

I selected one that I know but rarely use, Rouche, which is pretty and delicate and lantern-like. I also chose 'Wud' as I am totally besotted with this tangle at the moment. And two tangles that are new to me - Barney, which has a round variation as well as the original hexagonal version. Nice. And I have loved using Euca - a delicate, leafy pattern that I think could have a lot of use in the future. So thank you Cheryl, for keeping the inspiration coming!

* Ha, ha!! Just discovered on Cheryl's blog that she had intended us to just use B E and R - the 'w' stood for 'with'!! Oh well, as she says, no mistakes in Zentangle.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

String Thing 60 and Square One - Purely Zentangle

This week on Adele Bruno's 'A String Thing', we had a lovely elegant string by Diane Sexton and some tangles beginning with the letter 'X'. 'X', 'Xplode', 'Xav' and 'Xeni'.

Well, I usually only do one tangle for this challenge but found I couldn't incorporate all four of these tangles into my first attempt.  Here it is with three of the four -

I enjoyed doing it very much and LOVE 'Xplode'. Adele's 'Xav' reminds me 1970s wallpaper but I found I couldn't do justice to 'Xeni'. The blank circle should pay homage to an amazing tile that Michele Beauchamp did recently using just Fescu - I was entranced by it and this is my diminished version of that. I can't provide you a link because it was on Facebook but if you took part in the Square One - Purely Zentangle challenge recently, you may have seen it. Awesome! 

Anyway, the tile didn't satisfy my need to try out 'X' again, so I sat down and gave it my all. And I'm really pleased with the final result. Very different from the first tile and a thoroughly enjoyable experience, so thank you Adele and thank you Lila!

As always, seeing what other entries look like is such fun when Adele posts on Mondays.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Diva Challenge 187

Close your eyes...and draw a string. That was the challenge from Laura this week on her Diva Challenge.

And that's just what I did last night....and here is what I drew.

OK, I did bring a couple of the lines down to the edge of the tile, so that I didn't have a big open space...I was blindly heading towards the edge, honest. I was half-pleased that I'd got such a decent string to work with and half-miffed that I hadn't got something really unusual...but I stuck with what I did.

I chose my tangles 'blindly' too - by randomly selecting a tangle from the changing header selection on Linda Farmer's Tangle Patterns blog - which is a page that's almost always open on my computer! And I found I had to do some tangles I'd never done before....PLUS one that I had wanted to try, which was Lily Moon's Amphora.

Here it is. I had received some new pens in the post, including a 0.05 nib, which was such a treat to work with.

Florez, Amphora, Pippin, Wud and Jalousie.

Looking forward to seeing what you've posted for this have posted, haven't you?

Saturday, 27 September 2014

String Thing 59, Cheryl's Artful Creations, Square One and a Wacky Tangle!

These are four 'challenges' that appear on a weekly basis, in addition to the Diva's, which is still one of the most popular. However, it's lovely to have so much inspiration to create Zentangle.

Adele Bruno's challenge is 'String Thing' and based on a new string and a defined set of tangles - although Adele is never 100% prescriptive and welcomes the 'Frayed Knot' (sorry, this relates to a joke I am fond of, but I'm hopeless at telling jokes. You may know it and if you don't, the answer is 'I'm afraid not...' Never mind!) And this week, we were given this string and the tangles 'Oke' and 'Meringue'.

As the string is based on 'Oke', rather predictably, I used this as the beginning of my tangle and just continued from there. I can't wait to see what everyone else has done with it this week! Here is mine.

It's a little while since I did Cheryl's Artful Creations challenge. We were working through the alphabet, which was great fun - and now, she is suggesting we choose tangles based on a different selection of three letters each week. This week, the letters are T, E and M. And there are some lovely ones! Lots and lots and lots! It was a challenge to pick just a few, but here are mine: Eyfylis, Meer, a little Meringue(ish), Twile and a wave to TwentyOne. I really enjoyed this one - Twile (Stoic) is a new one for me and wow, did it hit the Zen spot!!

Then, the weekly challenge posted on Facebook, Square One, Purely Zentangle, which is great for doing a tile-sized tangle using only pen and pencil. It really helps focus the mind and this week, the tangle chosen is 'Betweed' - the very first tangle that set me off on the Zentangle path. And I was in love immediately! I did this one last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tipple is the perfect partner for it and I thought 'Aah' added just the right amount of 'awe' in the background. I'm happy with this one, can you tell? Aw! 
And finally, another Facebook challenge - the Wacky one! This group encourages ZIAs and wider expressions in Zentangle but also to push the boundaries of individual tangles. A while ago, we were issued with 'Crusade' and I did a tangle but wasn't sure if I liked it enough to post. However, a revisit has made me feel differently about it - does this every happen to you? I rather like it now and thought it should make an appearance here, if only for posterity!

Crusade: a very lovely tangle. 

Well, that about sums it up!! Hope you've enjoyed taking part in the challenges. Axxx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Diva Challenge 186

It's definitely feeling autumnal here in Spain - still sunny, still very hot some days - as the days grow shorter, the nights are definitely chilly and there's a nip in the air.

We don't get the glorious colours of fall though. Surrounded by olive groves, whose silvery green leaves stay the same colour all year round, I miss the goldens, oranges and reds that I enjoyed in England. However, we get a little morning mist and goodness me, what mellow fruitfulness there is all round! Glut is the word I use though it's not half as poetic!

And our summer canopy of vine is hanging heavy with sweet little green grapes. I have resisted the lure of 'Bronx Cheer' though, and just chosen the shape of the vine leave for my tangle and have just filled it with some of my favourite tangles in the simplest possible manner. Great ZEN even if I'm not totally happy with the result....(my leaf didn't quite fit on the paper; my feathers are pathetic and I don't really like the mismatch between the strong, bold patterns and the softer, lighter ones that I have chosen) but here it is and I'm not really trying to excuse it!

A lovely challenge issued by Laura on 'I am the Diva' and, I am sure, there will be some stunning entries too - do check them all out! I can't wait to do that. Happy tangling.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Another take on Dex and my tangle 'Skwirl'.

I did another tangle for the Square One - Purely Zentangle challenge over on Facebook this week. I included a tangle I have recently created which is based on something that 'did the rounds' on Facebook too...

Picture from an original on Facebook

I was fascinated by this and thought what a great tangle it would make.

I have simplified things but obviously, shading and more lines could make it look even more intricate but if you like the 'pop' of Zentangle, you'll love this one!

Here it is with another squares and lines one, Dex:

And these are my stepouts together with a little ZIA. You can add more 'circles' if you see them...for example, look at step 2 and you might just see a big circle that could go around all four squares....give it a go and let me know!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Diva Challenge, String Thing and Square One - Purely Zentangle

Although it's some time since I posted on my tangle blog, I have been tangling all summer - including taking part in an arts and crafts fair at a beautiful local 'cortijo' or rural house. I was asked to run some workshops and have to say they were well attended and well received - I'm spreading the Zentangle word here in southern Spain.

This week's Diva Challenge was to do a duotangle using Phicops and Diva Dance. This in celebration of the Diva's 10 years of wedded bliss to B-rad. And the tangles are special as B-rad created Phicops and Diva Dance was created for the Diva by Rick and Maria!

I took a peek at what others had done this week, which I don't usually do before completing my own and there were some really jaw-dropping! Mine is less than wow and I was tempted to leave it out but it's so long since I took part that I have decided to share anyway. Here it is - a diva dancing Phicops!

And it's also an age since I did a String Thing entry, so I made a great effort to do one this time. Adele's challenge is always a pleasure to take part in and even if I don't take part, I like to see what everyone else has done and enjoy the different takes on the same set of tangles and one string. Fascinating. Here is my entry - there are some rather wibbly Girders here, nothing structurally sound at all!

What I have really enjoyed is the Facebook Square One challenge during the past few weeks. It's focused me on using a tile and sticking to the Zentangle basics and it's been such good fun.

I am going to include a couple that I have done recently. It's good to see quite a few familiar names and styles also taking part in this challenge. A lot of people do Zentangle! This week, we've been challenged to do 'Dex' and I decided on a monotangle with a string found on Tangle Patterns - Number 105. And then I added a bit of Fescu that was still lingering in my mind and my pen from the week before....

This is the entry for the Fescu challenge, which also includes some Ing, which was the challenge from the Diva last week.

And then I did another Ing-based tangle which has now been sent, on a card, to an old friend in the UK for his birthday, together with a bookmark. (I hope he won't be disappointed as I used to always send him some of my homemade chocolates, but I am not making them anymore....) Sorry it's a bit out of focus...

And I shall be endeavoring to keep up to date and checking on what all my favourite tanglers are doing from now on. 

Happy tangling.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Diva Challenge 182 - Stripes!

A return to stripes for the Diva this week. Laura says its been a challenge before but it's not one I remember so a new one for me.

I like doing stripes of tangles so enjoyed this very much and kept it simple.

I used a favourite - Ditto - plus a new one A-fog and one that I learnt for the Wacky Challenge that begins with a 'V'...will have to go and look it up because I can't remember the name! Aha! I was right - it is Voga. (Knew it was V!) Plus some little criss-crossing stripes in the top left hand corner - a Zentangle method rather than a specific pattern.

I have joined the Square One facebook group that shares only 'pure' Zentangle tiles - no colour, a 3.5" square tile and abstract Zentangles, not ZIAs. I have really enjoyed focusing on the basics again and all my 'tiles' (hand drawn usually as I don't have any tiles cut or available at the moment and getting hold of original Zentangle tiles is beyond my budget...) are the right dimensions. It has been both more restricting and more liberating at the same time - something that drew me to Zentangle in the first place...and if that sounds a bit odd to the uninitiated, then I suppose you could argue that it includes at least fifty shades of gray....

And I include another, tongue-in-cheek, take on 'Stripes'. I was thinking that the most stripey thing I could think of was a Zebra...and so drew a tile that is restricted to just Zedbra stripes but viewed through/in liberating little circles. I enjoyed my own joke but wish I'd been able to make the tile look just as I wanted - I've seen others get the effect I was searching for but it's something I shall have to practice.

Do check out the other entries to the challenge on the Diva's blog - and thanks to Laura for constant inspiration!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back to basics - Square One.

I've joined - as have many people whose names I recognise - a new group that has been set up on Facebook. It's called 'Square One' as in 'go back to square one' and start with the basics. And the basics of Zentangle are to use a tile, black pen and shading. I am so enjoying this group!

So far, I have done a number of tiles and I just wanted to share them here as this is the place I like to capture my tangles.

Chris Titus and Jenny Perruzzi are the key people in the group - both CZTs - and they offer suggestions for tangles to revisit, remember, reuse or just learn. I have just learnt to do Bronx Cheer and have two offerings for that particular challenge.
With Nymph and a little Zinger - I wasn't happy with my stems on Bronx Cheer ...

so did a tile with Meringe, Pokeleaf and a little Zinger...and I like my Bronx Cheer much better now.

 Earlier, we did a new to me tangle called 'Twing' - which I absolutely loved and also inspired me to do two contributions.

Here is Twing with a little Paradox, Nzepple, Cruffle, Shattuck, Printemps and Florz.
I enjoyed doing this one very much and I do feel I've gone back to basics with it.

And even more basic - Twing, with Zinger and Tipple and Black Perlz.
A lovely tangle to play with.

And Verdigogh...who doesn't love this one? Here it is with my own new tangle, Romie.

Sorry about the quality of these two last ones, but I took them on my camera in poor light...won't do that again!

If you haven't seen this group, get onto Facebook and look for Square One: Purely Zentangle. It's definitely worth checking out, if you haven't already!