Saturday, 28 December 2013

It's a String Thing #20

Adele over on Tickled to Tangle creates a String Thing challenge every week. This week, we had a rather geometric-looking string and tangles 'Aah' and 'Afterglo' to work with.


I know it could have been done better but I quite like the overall effect and am very curious to see what others have done with the string. Do pop onto Adele's blog to check out sometime on the 30th or 31st if she gets chance to post. 

Despite us having a lovely Christmas both as a family and with friends, I think I am still in a state of shock and disbelief about Darwin's death and find myself wondering whether it must all be some awful sick joke - and that he will come back to us again.  He won't, I know that, and yes, life goes on pretty much as usual. 

It's helped to sit and Zentangle and I did these two yesterday after doing the String Thing - first opportunity I've had in a while - and I really enjoyed the concentration and calm it produced in me. I used to create a frame around them and, in the second one, to change the tone of colour from black ink to the purple shades you see.

Well, I wish everyone a wonderful start to the New Year. May 2014 begin rather better than 2013 has ended for us too....

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