Saturday, 7 December 2013

It's a sort of String Thing

Every week, Adele Bruno, over on Tickled to Tangle sets a challenge based on a string and one or more specified tangles. It's a great challenge and I've really enjoyed doing them since I found her blog and joined in.

This week, I erred from the path a little. I did a tile that stuck to the brief - which was to use Mooka and Moving Day on a particular string. I loved the effects of the two tangles but wished I'd arranged them a bit differently.

This is my first take and the one I've submitted to Adele: I did it quickly and instinctively and was fairly happy with it when I finished it.
However, in my head, I was trying to tell a story with this one. It's fairly faithful to the original string, though I added that straight line in the bottom section after I'd finished - the intention was to break up the large expanse. If I'd given the whole thing more thought, I'd have arranged the sections differently but I have had little time this week. The story was meant to convey a comparison between an old and shabby house and a new and shiny one - suggested by the Moving Day tangle...(Or the other way round!)

I didn't quite do that - so sat up rather late one night and rearranged the order of the tangles. I still haven't captured the 'old/new' feel I wanted to get and my 'step' isn't right. Oh, and I had to turn the tile 90 degrees because it just didn't look right. Oh dear - what a lot of excuses!! This was a tile where I knew what I wanted to see but couldn't achieve it on the paper. And I need to learn from this. I love Zentangle because it works for me as a 'non' artist. I need to go with the flow and then I tend to like what I've done. If I try to plan ahead and deliver a final result, I'm always disappointed. 

What I did do, though, was to run my drawing through Be Funky, which allows you to add effects and I rather like this 'distressed' version with a frame. All's well that ends well! I'd love to know if this happens any of you when you Zentangle - do you plan and know before you start or do you just go wherever you are taken?

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