Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thursday tangles

I'm delighted to say that the workshop I ran on Tuesday was well attended and well received. We had a great morning and they want more! Becky took to it like a duck to water - she only needed to see what the basic strokes were and she was off!!
Shame on me, we were so engrossed in what we were doing that I forgot to take photos. Next time, I will because the tangling world needs to see what our little corner of Andalucia is capable of...

And I've really enjoyed this week's 'It's a String Thing' from Adele at 'Tickled to Tangle'. Last week, I learned six completely new tangles and was delighted to see my tile on Adele's page on Monday this week. This is it:

It uses only tangles beginning with 'L' - and here, from the top, we have 'Lokomotive', then going left to right - Lace Curtains, which I did a bit wrong, Lacy, in the middle -very pretty - Longwood - very elegant - Looplopp - very versatile and Lanie - completely sweet! A good learning tile and some tangles I shall definitely use again.

I'm currently on with the Zendala Dare #81, which is a lovely one too.

This week's String Thing uses just Heartstrings by the amazingly talented Helen Williams, who is just BRILLIANT - check her out on 'A Little Lime' and be blown away by how she develops and deconstructs tangles to the most fantastic effect if you haven't seen her work before.

I just started drawing hearts and didn't stop until my tile was full - the most  'Zen' experience yet since I started tangling - I'm afraid I sometimes find I'm a bit too focused and am clenching my jaw - not very Zen! I didn't know how to get a corresponding highlight on my main red heart and would love to know any techniques for doing it. I ended up using a silver pen but it's not right....

Off now to finish that Zendala!

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