Monday, 4 November 2013

Tangling in November

It's early yet. But I've discovered already that it's possible to really dislike a tangle - to think it's wrong - to feel the creativity of previous pieces has evaporated...

Why would this be? Well, I think partly it's because I haven't just 'let it happen'. I've started out with an idea and tried to make it work. And that seems to stifle the creative juice a bit - because I'm not an artist, I'm someone who enjoys being creative.

Anyway, here are some of the things I've done this month so far.

 This one was a sort of half-hearted attempt at a 'challenge' - not sure where from - to do a tangle with no straight lines and using only 'organic' shapes.

I thought snails were quite a good choice as they are very organic and have no straight lines...but mine are a bit uninspiring and look to be perched precariously on top of a pile of feathers...I also included my 'moomins' and 'mist' which looks a bit like dots coming from wiggly lines...and a background of undulating shapes. I think I have located the problem I have - that of the perching snails - but I used a string background and didn't really think about composing. Oh's just not good!

Despite some definite flaws in technique, I much prefer this picture.

This is really just a combination of some of my favourite tangles of the day....the shells down the left hand side in the bottom centre right...the black ribbon and the black Mooka are rather nice. The column that goes from bottom left to top right is distinctly odd and the lantern string, although quite nice, isn't sure if parts of it are transparent or not....

But overall, one that I rather like...and

And it formed the basis for the next one I did where I tried harder to get a sense of depth and layers...
The paisley shape is a new one as is the pretty little button and ribbon string down the left side. There is a lot of shading on this one - at first I thought it was heavy handed but seeing it again, I think not.

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