Monday, 4 November 2013

September tangles

I didn't do my first tangle until the beginning of September 2013 but once I started, I couldn't stop!

I  was still in 'card' mode at this time, so made tangles that I could turn into a greetings card. Colour was important for this purpose and I began experimenting for the first time in my life with crayons, watercolours, ...paintbrushes even! And was loving it!

This one I called 'Earthpearl' - partly because I thought the four 'Betweed' shapes looked rather like bandaged earthworms burrowing in or out of a tub of pearl shapes...nothing elegant or glamorous about it!

This one was - and possibly still is - one of my favourites EVER. I called it 'Stard' because of the star shape and there's nothing I don't like about it. It makes me feel like an artist when I look at it. It doesn't get any better than really doesn't.
Continuing on the card theme, I did three more coloured tangles that are quite tiny and sweet. Unfortunately, they are both badly photographed and dreadfully mounted! There are still such a lot of things to learn.

As I was doing the first one, it felt as though I was being inspired by a friend of mine. This one was definitely for her.

And it's called 'Sammee'
In this one, I was practising the tangle that has ended up along the bottom edge and the lacy garter pattern along the top. You can probably see which are some of my favourite shapes now. I'm particularly fond of the one I call 'Moomin' - balloony, leafy shapes with little curls around the edges. They crop up everywhere.. 
This is a less elegant combination, I feel. I call it 'Tiger Horns' for fairly obvious reasons but I don't like the colouring and the clashing of orange and blue, but it was another good one to practice new tangles and I spent more time on the colouring on the horn pattern to get better depth.
Awful positioning on the backing card...

And all this time, I had a growing collection of sketches in my notepad...

I was hooked!

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