Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Paisleys and Divas

So far, I've worked small. Zentangles are usually done on small, square tiles - about 3 and a half inches square. This really focuses the attention and you can achieve some incredible things on this little bit of space. However, I've recently had the urge to do a single tangle bigger.

This one is a paisley shape - originally a droplet-shaped pattern from Persia or India. It became popular in England when it was brought to Europe by the East India Company - in the form of beautiful Indian fabrics which had the design block printed on them. The name 'Paisley' is from the town in Scotland, where the pattern was used to produce fabric locally. I have always loved its complex internal patterns and it has always been of interest to doodlers and artists - particularly those who create designs using henna.

I tried a few in my last picture and really enjoyed completing them. This paisley fills almost an A4 page and is the biggest single pattern I've done. I can see where my lines are far from perfect but it was a great piece to work on whilst watching a bit of television the other night!

As we were watching a series from a few years ago - ROME - I decided to do another single tangle in a bigger form than usual. This is based on a tangle called 'Diva' and was great fun to do. It's not hard to be pleased with the effect and all it really takes is the patience to draw one line after another.


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    1. Dare you to say that to my face!! Axxxx

    2. And of course you do, my darling husband...thank you. Axxxx

  2. I'm sure he would say it to your face Annie, and I bet he does ! I love this new blog, and am hoping to learn lots. I particularly like the historical connection, with the East India Co. The Paisley connection also involves Queen Victoria who made the huge patterned wraps popular in the late 19th century....which of course, I am sure you know !
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of these gorgeous patterns, and maybe, just maybe, having a go myself. I really do love the stones. I like the idea of a stone that you have "collected" from somewhere that holds memories anyway, can be enhanced so beautifully. Jxxx

    1. Hello Janice! Thanks for joining here - though you'll have seen most of what I've posted already. My lovely white stones from Brid proved unsuccessful tangling stone - too porous - so I am on the look out for others. The Paisley pattern is very interesting though my particular take on it isn't historically accurate...I'm looking into some of the original designs, which is most interesting. And of course, will be trying really hard to tangle some chocolate! Axxx


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