Monday, 4 November 2013

October tangles

Time to open up the notebook...I started using Pinterest and found lots of patterns, tutorials and ideas there. Some mornings, over my coffee, I sit and sketch - usually very roughly - some of the things that take my fancy...

Here's a selection from October...

Some inspiration from Joanna Fink here...

Trying - and failing several times - to get the curled feathers right! Looks like I gave up on the Paradox...still haven't mastered that but am going to!

 I think the top tangle comes from one called 'Zinger' which is a lovely one to draw - and I followed a YouTube tutorial on how to draw a Celtic knot. The triangle was obviously too complicated for me...

And from the same YouTube sitting as the Celtic Knot - these are definitely Maria Thomas tangles - the Aura Star and Mooka...a delight to draw as it's just one line!

Now LeeAnn Denzer is a genius - her drawing and art work is stunning. If you are at all interested in what can be achieved in the name of tangling, check out her website. I am always in awe.
I enjoyed spending a bit of time on 'bracelet' here - the difference that shading makes was just beginning to dawn on me....

And another heroine of mine - Helen at A Little Lime. She loves to deconstruct patterns and is wonderful at sharing her work via brilliant and inspiring tutorials.  I don't know where the little bud tangle comes from at the bottom right of the sketch page but it's another one I enjoy including.

A whole load of inspiration here - sadly, I didn't name them so can't give my thanks and recognition.
The stick in a coil is great fun to do and I went on to use 'Seaheart' in a card using colour that I sent to my friend, Janice, in France. 

And here is W2 - possibly one of my favourite ever tangles - so clever and such fun to do. And several attempts that didn't work!!
It's a nice thing to have my sketches - seeing that some things do need to be worked on to get right and seeing where all the inspiration came from.

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