Monday, 4 November 2013

More October tangles

Back to black and white
And really falling in love with the curled feathers, the pearls and pebbles, the poke-root and pansies. And that black and white 'Cat in the Hat' stripe....always reminds me of Dr. Zeuss!

I went back to England in the middle of October - travelling back there with my mum, who had been visiting us. My enthusiasm for tangling inspired her to have a go and as she was drawing, she kept giggling. I told her it couldn't be funny - there was no right and no wrong in Zentangle so why was she laughing? She showed me...and I couldn't help laughing til tears rolled down my cheeks at her attempts. Truly awful but awfully funny!  Later on, when she'd gone to bed, I 'tweaked' what she'd done and left it for her to take home. I don't know if she knows I changed it but she seemed much more satisfied with her work the next morning...

This one I did on the journey to England...
Tangling on the flight was a brilliant idea and both trips passed by in no time at all. I had to keep looking out of the window on the return flight because the day was clear and I could see Spain set out below me ....looking remarkably like a lot of tangled patterns!!

This one too I managed to finish before we landed
And this one I drew on the return journey. I was sitting next to a very nice couple so we ended up chatting once I'd finished. I like the star but the pearls didn't end up with quite the right effect - or the effect I was looking for...

And I also drew on some lovely dark red paper that I'd had for a long time. You can't see the detail very well but it was beautiful to draw on!

It took a lot of work but I was pleased with the result.

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