Sunday, 10 November 2013

Four Evening Pieces

I have felt strangely scared of doing more than practising new tangles in the past week or so. When I first began making tangles, I was delighted with the results but recently, I've been less impressed with what I've done. Does that mean I am more critical or less inspired...don't know.

But I enjoyed doing four tangles yesterday evening and whilst I am still not overjoyed with all of them, I have to say, the process of producing them was definitely worth it. I feel considerably more inspired now and will keep on trying.

This is me, giving it a go...

Apologies for the slightly out of focus edges, I think I could have scanned this better but it was in a bigger book that overlapped the edges of my printer....
This one is the first I did and I was practising 'Paradox' which you can see (a bit blurred) down the left hand side and the cubed effect of Cubine - which is great to do - and at the bottom, the spiky leaf and berry tangle is called 'Verdigogh' and reminds me of Christmas....more anon! There's also my first bit of Hollibaugh.
This is another curate's egg of a tangle. I was trying to do some clever paradox tangle through the middle - which sort of worked, but not perfectly. As I continued, I realised I wanted a sort of pathway effect - hence the stones along the bottom - and then thought perhaps a compass tangle - I chose 'Drupe' - might look good in the top right hand corner - but it lost something in the execution - artistic ability, I think!
I will try the idea again at some point and make the compass look more like a compass.. 

Now in this one, I felt the mojo was working a little better. 'Fengle', the star tangle is notoriously difficult to keep symmetrical, so I didn't bother to try. The curly rope pattern is one called 'Cruze' and when I added a few spheres, I thought it had quite a celestial appearance. And I rather liked it all together, even though I still need to practice 'Cruze' to really get it to work well.

And finally, the 'Verdigogh' that made me feel a bit Christmassy just had to be done in colour. I wanted a fairly simple background, but managed to mess that up a bit by missing my links somewhere in the middle....hence the rather ugly 'stumps' at the bottom!
Not can't do it just have to try and make it right - perhaps I could have got it 'righter'...all good experience!


  1. They are all amazing Annie!
    Gill xx

    1. You're too kind, Gill....thank you! Axxx

  2. Wow - I've just discovered tangles and I'm so inspired! And impressed! They look really good fun (to a certain sort of mind) and I love the end results. I liked the organic feel of your 'ugly stumps' too - felt like the exception that proved the rule. Glad I've found your blog and thank you so much for your kind comment on mine. Good to 'meet' you.

    1. I can't tell you how delighted I am to hear from you, Lunar, I've followed your story for some time and admire you greatly.
      I think you will like tangling. There's a certain hype around parts of it, but if the process appeals, you can deal with that part...there's so much to enjoy and some very creative folk making beautiful art. Duck and water is what is going through my mind when I think about you doing tangles!!
      Can't wait to see some of yours!


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