Monday, 13 November 2017

My life as an art teacher

*Published originally on my 'Being Here' blog

My NEW life, that is, because certainly I could never have called myself this in the past. But to all intents and purposes, that is what I spend a large part of my working life as these days. An art teacher. Wonders never cease.

And I am enjoying it thoroughly! And my goodness me, what talent there is to be tapped into and set free. I have a few adult classes, including my lovely group of Friday evening ladies, who are as hooked on tangling as I am and in some cases, I would say even more so! And I have a great class of people who come on Thursday evening and never fail to be amazed at what they can do in an hour and half - indeed, many can't believe that they have made such a beautiful little work of art and at the same time been very relaxed and focused whilst doing it. I also have a fantastic class one morning a week with English people - nay, a family of English people. I've really missed them these last couple of weeks as they're in the UK at the moment but I do believe they'll be back at the earliest possibility.

And I have two classes of ZENKids a week, with growing numbers at each. And they are truly incredible. We've had a range of different themes for the classes, including making blowpen pictures, drawing cartoons, practising tangles and making some Japanese Notan images. All are tackled with enthusiasm and excellent results. Which I will share with you here. I have also been doing a far bit of drawing myself and enjoying that too! If you haven't yet seen the images I've shared on Facebook, Instagram and the Meraki Studio website (where have you been?) then please have a little look at the offerings here. The first few are mine - including my daughter's bedroom, which I also painted - and then the rest are from my classes.

Thanks for looking.

Latest tangling craze - thanks to Eni Oken and her amazing tutorials - this month: Dragons.

A fractal tangle based on Fricle on a large Renaissance tile.

Narwal on a large Renaissance tile

Another of Eni's tutorial - tiny details. I loved doing this one!
Just a fun tile to do.
And newly repainted bedroom....
 And now a gallery of pictures from my adult classes.

A guided class, using a limited set of Zentangle patterns to practice shading and composition.

Using a little colour for the first time.

Great shading

Great detail

Excellent work, Clifford family!

An advanced class, practising a range of techniques
And, a small selection of the work from my ZENKids classes: There are more photos on the Facebook page for Meraki Studio Alcala or on our Meraki Studio Alcala blog.

Thank you for looking. Hope you like what you've seen. Today, we're doing home made stamps....there will be photos before long.

One more thing. I suspect I needed my studio as an excuse to do the official Zentangle course, which is only offered in the States. I've booked my place for the next one, which is in June 2018. I am unbelievably excited. It's my commitment to Zentangle and my intention to make it a part of my life and a part of the lives of as many other people as I get chance to share it with.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Diva Challenge - 318 - Diptych

Laura has given us a great challenge this week. A Diptych!
Oh wow, I've never done a Diptych before. Love the name and love what I've been seeing on other blogs.
I decided to do my Diptych (like writing it as well as saying it - it's almost as good as Dingbatz. Dingbatz JUST has the edge though) on a Renaissance tile. The hardest thing was bending it straight down the middle and as you can see, I didn't quite manage that bit.

After that, I just really enjoyed trying the 'mirrored' but-not-exactly effect that I rather like.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Diva Challenge 316 - Stripes as the String

Very quickly this week - lots of things to do, people to see and places to go!! Not a lot of Zen time, but I did do this week's challenge from the Diva.

It's not clever, it's not particularly one I'm proud of, but it focused me and recharged me and I'm good with that. 

I've added a couple of other tiles - one that I did after receiving and devouring the Zentangle Primer - a gift to myself - why not? And the other because I enjoyed stretching Nzepple and adding colour with my gorgeous Inktense Derwent crayons! 

Thanks for the challenge - thank you for stopping by. See you later!

A striped tile with Printemps, Ditto, Mooka variation, scruffy Knightsbridge (my pen was on it's last legs!) Cadent, Fassett and a bit of Shattuck. All back to basics for me!

I so enjoyed doing this...and now I want to lick it!

This was done balancing on my 'Zentangle' book - and I used specific suggestions, shading techniques and ideas for variations from my wonderful Zentangle Primer, which I adore!

Saturday, 13 May 2017